Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oh No! Say It’s Not True!

Of all the things for to get upset about this is not one of them. It seems to me that the media is overexcited on this…
Parents Send Five-Year-Old Boy To School In Pink Shoes, Demand Kindergarten Lessons On Gender
Daily Caller
By Eric Owens

The latest fracas involving a transgender student at a taxpayer-funded school involves a kindergarten boy whose parents are sending him to school wearing pink shoes and a jumper.

The unidentified five-year-old boy attends Nova Classical Academy, a charter school in St. Paul, Minn., reports Minneapolis Fox affiliate KMSP-TV.

The boy’s parents, Hannah and Dave Edwards, say they are concerned about bullying and want the school to address the problem at an instructional level.
I don’t think their request is out of line, they are just asking for what the law requires, a safe space for learning and being bullied does create a space learning space.
“Is it bullying when a child says my parents taught me that someone is born male or female?” Autumn Leva asked during the presentation, according to the Star Tribune. “Disagreeing with someone isn’t automatically bullying.”
No it is not bullying if that is all the child says, but mocking, and harassment is bullying, also any physical contact such as pushing is bullying and an assault.

And this shows where the article is coming from…
Opponents of the school’s plan to explain sexual identity to children as young as kindergarten packed into the Nova Classical gym on Tuesday for a presentation by the Minnesota Family Council, a local Christian group.
While they said this about the groups support the child.
The Edwards family enjoys the support of several radical leftist organizations in Minnesota including Gender Justice, OutFront Minnesota, and Transforming Families MN.
Of course we all know that any “family” organization is never a radical conservative organization. After all they are for the family, it just that it is their view of the family that they support and they against any families that doesn’t fit their image of the “Father Knows Best” family.

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