Monday, January 25, 2016


That is what some opponents of a Gay Straight Alliance are saying, that the GSA is a terrorist group.
Tennessee Parents Wage War On Gay-Straight Alliance, Compare Club To ISIS
Hate Speech, Bible-Based Attacks From Anti-LGBT Parents Underscore Need For GSAs
The New Civil Rights Movement
January 22, 2016

Opponents of a Gay-Straight Alliance at a rural Tennessee high school are comparing the club to the terror group ISIS and calling on school officials to resign for allowing it.

The GSA met for the first time this week at Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tennessee, a town of 8,500 about 70 miles northwest of Chattanooga.

On its web site, the school explains that under the federal Equal Access Act and long-established court precedent, it is required to allow the GSA if it allows other extracurricular clubs.
But I guess that the school really needs a GSA if you read some of the comments that the opposition has made.
Martin Jonathan, who apparently attended Franklin County High School but now lives in San Antonio, according to his Facebook page, called the GSA "ungodly" and "wrong."

"The more we conform to this ever changing society the more weak we become as a Christian nation," Johnathan wrote. "What would be your opinion on a group initiating an ISIS club @ FCHS? Allow it so they don't become the next suicide bombers?"

"Unbelievable how times have changed," Johnathan added. "What a disgrace. Not the FCHS I was raised in nor the one for my children. ... [Principal Greg] Mantooth should be forced to resign. The parents and taxpayers in FC shall be heard."

Others argued that because some teachers have posted rainbow flags in their classrooms indicating that they're LGBT allies, people should also be allowed to display rebel flags, Christian flags, "Panther club" flags, white pride flags and gang symbols.
Hmm, I guess they feel that it is OK to harass, bully, and threaten students. As the student organizer put it,
"We did not threaten anyone," Bullington wrote. "I have wanted this group since I started at Franklin County High School. I have pushed and pushed but Mantooth and the board said no, no, no, no, no — until we found out that we are federally protected and that we are allowed to start the group. Now I'm sorry that a lot of you don't agree with the group, but find it in your heart for acceptance and peace."

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