Monday, April 22, 2024

They Got It Backwards!


They got it wrong! The Republicans are in a tizzy over the vote on the foreign aid bills. Marjorie Taylor Greene and the far right-wing House members Freedom Caucus are threatening to kick out House Speakers. Johnson because pf the vote. According to the New York Post,
“All of this was possible because of the betrayals of Mike Johnson. He has completely betrayed the Republican Party,” Greene fumed. “He has completely betrayed Republican voters all over the country.

“And he is absolutely working for the Democrats passing the Biden administration agenda. This is a speakership that is completely over with.”
They got it wrong. They are supposed to put the country before the party!

In an authoritarian country they put the party first. Not in a constitutional federal republic.

What Speaker Johnson did is what Congress has done for the last two hundred and thirty-six years… pass legislation with bipartisan support.

No, the Republicans got it wrong they were elected to represent the people and not the party.


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  1. MTG has learned from her master (Trump) that screaming and yelling political nonsense keeps you in front of the cameras. The GOP is suppose to be the party of confronting Soviet (now Russian) expansion, however, half of the GOP in the house sided with the Russian lackey, Trump. That segment of the party is incapable of independent thought. Many of us in the elder generation use to wonder how it was possible for Hitler to rise to lead a country. No more. It is playing out in the USA right now.