Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Clown Car

Once again the Republican Clown Car is running in circles.

Get a load of these clowns!
Rachel Maddow Apologizes for Trump Trial Outburst: I ‘Snorted Out Loud’ at This Shocking Revelation
“A fall-off-your-chair moment,” the MSNBC anchor says
The Wrap
By Natalie Korach
April 23, 2024

Rachel Maddow apologized to journalists sitting near her at Donald Trump’s trial Monday in Manhattan after she “snorted out loud” when prosecutors revealed that one of the former president’s advisors had physically written down the very hush-money reimbursement plan that the jury is considering for criminal charges.
What did Ms. Maddow find funny?
The moment came when prosecutor Matthew Colengelo revealed that Trump ally Allen Weisselberg “wrote everything down” when he met with attorney Michael Cohen to negotiate a reimbursement plan for a hush-money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

“Weisselberg, you’ll remember, was the Trump Organization chief financial officer and he was one of the defendant’s longest-serving and most trusted employees,” Maddow said. “Neither Trump nor the Trump Organization can just write a check to Michael Cohen for $130,000 with a memo line that said ‘reimbursement for porn star payoff’ … they had to disguise the nature (as employment compensation) so they agreed to cook the books.”


“I annoyed the people sitting near me because I snorted out loud – he said he wrote it all down! If you’re a fan of ‘The Wire,’ this is the scene where Stringer Bell turns to the young man and says, ‘Are you taking notes on a criminal conspiracy?’ … yes, he was taking notes on a criminal conspiracy.”

And according to prosecutors, they have receipts:

“You will see in this trial Allen Weisselberg’s handwriting down the side of that bank statement laying out every one of the steps that I just described showing how they converted the $130,000 payoff,” Maddow said.
What are bumbling bunch of clowns! And these are Trump cronies what does it say about the quality of people Trump has surrounding him?

They are so inept that the judge said something about it!
Todd Blanche appears to be quickly making things worse for Donald Trump in the hush-money trial.
The New Republic
By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling
April 23, 2024

An attorney for Donald Trump’s legal defense in his New York criminal trial took a serious misstep on Tuesday that resulted in a critical warning from Judge Juan Merchan.

On the second day of the trial, attorney Todd Blanche attempted to portray Trump as an individual fully aware of the limitations of the partial gag order imposed on him in the trial, which forbids him from speaking publicly about courtroom staff, prosecutors, or any of their family members. Comments about jurors are also prohibited, as well as comments about witnesses, though comments about Merchan and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg are still on the table.

Still, Trump has already managed to violate the gag order about a dozen times, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.


“He’s allowed to respond to political attacks, your honor,” Blanche said, according to MSNBC’s Adam Klasfled.

But Merchan remembered the order of events, reminding Blanche that Trump’s disparaging remarks had in fact come before the others’.
Opss… I don’t think that he should have said that! And he didn’t shut up, he continued to put his foot in his mouth.
The ensuing back-and-forth between Blanche and Merchan continued to a rolling boil until Blanche suddenly claimed that the violations at hand—which involve Trump “reposting an article from a news site” or a “news program”—don’t actually violate the order. Still, Blanche had no precedent or case law to support such a claim.

“I don’t have any case law,” Blanche said, instead calling it “common sense” and doubling down that Trump had been “very careful to comply” with the order.
Um… that was even worst. Telling a judge to use common sense and not the law. Tisk, tisk!
That was, apparently, the straw that broke the camel’s back, after which Merchan dropped that the attorney had gone too far.

“Mr. Blanche, you are losing all credibility with the court,” Merchan said, according to LawFare’s Anna Bower.
Where does he get these guys? Did they take correspondence school law courses?

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