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I Know What They Will Find… Or Should Find.

Bias speech is growing by leaps and bounds, but what can be done about?
CT News Junkie
by Hudson Kamphausen
April 11, 2024


Studying The Effects Of Hate Speech

The chamber also voted to create a task force to study the effects of hate speech on kids, and to analyze which programs throughout the state are doing the best job of preventing and mitigating the damage that bullying and hate speech can cause. 

Senate Bill 337 would create a task force to study the factors behind hate speech and bullying, and the effects on children. The task force would also analyze programs throughout the state that are successful at mitigating hateful rhetoric and its effects. 

Maher said that since 2016 there has been an increase in hateful and unkind behavior, and that the legislature wants to know why it is happening, and what effects it is having.

“We know that in our districts across the state, children are dealing with issues of racism and anti-semitism and homophobia, and we must look at what are the reasons that this is happening, what is the effect on children, and what are the programs that exist currently in communities that are successful,” she said. 

Using that information to better address hate speech and its effects on youth, and possibly growing the most effective programs at combating that rhetoric, is something the legislature could do. 
 The Hartford Courant wrote...
 Seeking to stem an increasing problem, the state Senate voted Wednesday to study the impact of hate speech and bullying on children.

Lawmakers voted 35-0 to create a task force to examine the issue, which they say has become an increasing problem in schools and beyond.

“We heard during the public hearing how this kind of hate speech and anti-caring for other people has effects on children that last well into their adulthood,” said Sen. Ceci Maher, co-chairwoman of the children’s committee. “The purpose of this bill is to look into what are the effects of hate speech on children and then to look beyond that and see what are the programs around the state that are working to ameliorate the effects. And then to stop hate speech. I believe that children being affected by hate speech is not good for children, not good for their families and for society and has a long-term impact.”
 Hate speech, Maher said, has been increasing since 2016.

“People being unkind, saying whatever comes into their mind, not thinking about the other person,” Maher said. “We must look at the reasons why this is happening.”

Senate Bill 327 requires the Connecticut group to study all impacts, including physical, mental and educational.

Kate Dias, the president of the state’s largest teachers’ union, said in written testimony earlier this year that teachers “witness hate speech at local board of education meetings, on playgrounds and Little League fields, and increasingly in school communities.”
Okay, I’ll tell you what they will find… an elephant in the room, the question is what will and can they do about it?

The elephant… Politicians!

They are the ones who are stirring up the animosity against everyone, they are the ones who have given the green light bias crimes. They are the ones who encouraged this type of behavior and the children are following their parents footsteps.
In disclosure: I sit on the governor's Hate Crime Advisory Council.

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