Monday, September 18, 2023

What Is Controversial About Accepting Everyone.

Well it turns out that “Safe Space” is controversial and is being banned!
Cajon Valley Union School District asks teachers to remove LGBTQ 'Safe Space' posters from classrooms
"We want to have expression in our classroom, in our work spaces, but leave classroom student facing spaces for academia," said Superintendent David Miyashiro.
By Jayne Yutig, Shannon Handy, Richard Allyn
September 12, 2023

Employees of the Cajon Valley Union School District are concerned over a policy update that forced teachers to remove posters promoting classrooms as a “safe space” for LGBTQ students and educators.

They took those concerns to Tuesday night’s board meeting.

In a pre-recorded video announcement played to employees during campus staff meetings on Monday, Cajon Valley Union School District Superintendent Dr. David Miyashiro directed staff to remove any GLSEN “Safe Space” posters from classrooms and any student-facing rooms on school campuses.

Miyashiro said the posters were in violation of school board policy which prohibits materials that solicit funds for an outside organization or position the school district on “any side of a controversial issue.”

Since GLSEN doesn’t solicit funds that must mean that the “Safe Space” is a “controversial issue.” Wait, wait what exactly is controversial about having a safe space?
In the video statement, Miyashiro says the civil rights of LGBTQ individuals have become a political debate creating tension at conflict at school board meetings.

“On one hand we have the extreme left, and other hand we have the extreme right. Both sides are doing so much damage and causing so much harm,” Miyashiro said.
I still don’t understand , so the other side is saying we don’t want a safe space we want to be able to bully and harass people. Want want to discriminate against minorities!
One counselor said board members have been going into classrooms and taking them down, adding:
"As a counselor what are we supposed to do? Get rid of our signage and not letting this be a safe place? Kids come into our office because of the "safe place" sign. Everyone is welcome."

That is what all this “WOKE” is about the right to discriminate. The right to harass. The right to bully.

People we have to get the “vote out” in November 2024 it will all boil down to who can get the voters to the polls.

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