Sunday, September 10, 2023

Cuckoo Cuckoo Award

This week’s Cuckoo Cuckoo award goes to the DeSantis the Republican governor who want to invade Mexico. Yes you read that right they want to send to troops to clear out the cartels.
The US faces a complex challenge with Mexican drug cartels as GOP figures consider military action, stirring international concerns
The Telegraph
By Susie Coen,
3 September 2023


Yet the strategy has been reignited by 2024 election hopeful Ron DeSantis, who last week doubled down on commitment to send Special Forces into Mexico to target cartels – essentially starting a war with the US’s closest neighbour – “on day one” of his presidency. Three other candidates – Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott and Nikki Haley – have also endorsed the idea along with the likes of former attorney general Bill Barr.

Worried by the growing momentum, Democrat representatives are scrambling to introduce an amendment to the 2024 department of defence bill which would ensure a congressional vote on military action in Mexico. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez described Mr DeSantis’ claims as “so reckless that it’s difficult to even capture”, meanwhile Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador branded it as “pure publicity” and “cheap politicking”.


She [Former Mexican ambassador to the US, Martha Bárcena Coqui] told The Telegraph: “It would be like going backwards, towards the 19th century… to the realm of being enemies.” She likened the proposed solution to a Europe deciding to bomb Morocco to stop the trafficking of marijuana. Given nine out of 10 of people detained for fentanyl trafficking are US citizens, she also asked whether the Republicans plan to “bomb their own” people. Any military action would also likely cause mass migration from Mexico to the US, something which Mr DeSantis and his colleagues would certainly not approve.
The is not only Cuckoo, it is dangerous and idiotic. To invade a foreign country to make political points would never happen right? That would be like invading a tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean, like, like of I don’t know maybe something like Grenada.

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My stand on drugs.

They all should be legalize and the money used on enforcement should go instead to medical detox programs. It should be treated as a medical addiction and not a crime.

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