Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Gee, Where Else Have We Seen This?

In Florida they want to ban the display LGBTQ+ symbols… like rainbow flag, safe zone symbols, etc. etc. etc.
Some central Florida lawmakers said they were considering “all legislative, legal and executive options available” to stop business owners in a small town from voluntarily displaying rainbow decals in their windows indicating that they are “safe place” for LGBTQ+ people who feel threatened.

Four Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to officials in Mount Dora two weeks ago warning that the new, optional city-sponsored program could put the central Florida community outside Orlando “in the crosshairs of potentially detrimental and absolutely unnecessary economic harm.”
Where else have we seem the banning of LGBTQ+ symbols?

Oh I know!!!! Russia, Putin banned any display of LGBTQ+ symbols!
Mount Dora’s city council approved the Safe Place Initiative last month. The city of 17,000 residents is known for its antique shops and weekend festivals.

“The mission of the Safe Place Initiative is to provide the community with easily accessible safety information and safe places throughout the city they can turn to if they are the victims of an anti-LGBTQ+ or other hate crimes,” the city of Mount Dora said on its website.
The Republican overlords in Tallahassee don’t like that one bit. It is our way or no way!
Democratic state lawmaker Anna Eskamani posted the Republican lawmakers’ letter on social media, saying it “might be the weirdest letter I’ve ever read.”

“Let LGBTQ+ (people) exist and stop politicizing everything!” wrote Eskamani, whose district is in Orlando. “So much manufactured panic from the right. Meanwhile families can’t even afford to live in Florida. Focus on that instead.”

Where else did we see the banning of religious and LGBTQ+ symbols? Germany in the late 1930s

We see the bans now under other fascism dictators like in Turkey, Hungary, and Uganda.

Now then, it seems to me that one, this violates the First Amendment, and two it creates further hostiles against use. This came just days after the racial attack at the Dollar General store in Jacksonville Florida, is there any wonder what is causing the violence against us in Florida… banning books, banning saying “gay”, banning drag queens, and the list goes on and on there.

On CBS Sunday Morning they had a graphic that showed how the party members view the other party members. Democrats viewed the Republicans as political adversaries, while the Republicans view the Democrats as the enemy. Which says a lot.

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