Monday, September 11, 2023

It Is Hypocritical, But What Else Do You Expect?

Question: What party is harping about “Parental Rights”? Is it the party that wants to takeaway the right for parents to raise their trans child and seek professional medical treatment for the child? Is it the party that wants to cause irreversible harm to a trans child by outing them to harmful parents?
This past week has demonstrated the cruel lengths Placer County school board officials in Rocklin and Roseville will go to punish and demonize transgender kids for merely existing.

At a press conference held at the State Capitol last week, Roseville Joint Union High School District school board member Heidi Hall and Roseville City School District Board of Trustees member Jonathan Zachreson spoke in support of three statewide initiatives which would require schools to notify parents if their child is transgender; prevent trans girls from competing in girls’ sports; and prevent trans minors from receiving gender-affirming surgeries or hormone treatments.

Just nine days later, on September 6, the Rocklin Unified School Board voted 4-1 to approve a policy that would require teachers to “out” transgender and non-binary students to their parents, despite hundreds of emails and public comments from district parents and community members voicing their opposition.
It is not just us that is seeing their wrath…
Sutherland noted that recent board decisions — like the recent vote to reject a widely used and supported science curriculum, Board President Julie Hupp’s controversial Facebook post calling for “Christ-centered” parents to join committees that oversee district curriculum and now this new policy to “out” trans students — are issues that reflect her colleague’s political agendas and personal beliefs.
They were so wound up in their religious fervor that,
For their part, Hupp, Tiffany Saathoff, Rachelle Price and Dereck Counter, who initially brought this policy to the board, could barely bring themselves to say the words “transgender” and “LGBTQ.” Instead, they framed the policy as being about “parental rights” and “parental choice.”
If it harms the child so what!
“Even in the most accepting households, a child might not feel ready to talk to a parent right away. Why are we going to put that on teachers to interfere in their personal life against their wishes?”


Through her words, Hall seems to be refusing to accept their right to exist as a trans person. What does that mean for LGBTQ+ students in her Roseville school district? How must it feel for them to know that a school board member does not believe in their right to exist?
These people put their zeal ahead of the well-being of the child, these Board members don’t care about the students, they only see it as their religious mission in their life to force their religion on everyone else.

This is what the Republicans are doing across the nation, this is what 1930 Germany was about. In 22 states the Republicans control the government and in many of those states they also control the state Supreme Court. Like in Wisconsin where the Republicans want to impeach a newly elected Democratic judge defying the will of the voters. They are rigging the voting districts by gerrymandering them in the Republican’s favor. The Republicans have cut back on voting hours, decreased the number of voting place in Democratic districts, and making it harder for people who have to work multiple jobs to vote.

Vote people, vote! Your life depends upon this election

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  1. Considering Jesus said absolutely nothing about LGBTQ+ people I find it incredulous "haters" drag His name into politics. I wonder why there is no record of Jesus marrying?