Thursday, September 21, 2023

Head Hunters.

They don’t like when you call employment agencies headhunters but they do have the pulse on employment around the country.

It is not so much as rats leaving a sinking boat but rather the bad smell is driving them away.
Many Workers Leaving States That Pass Anti-LGBTQ Laws
By Susan Ladika
September 18, 2023

Robin Witt spent the majority of her life in Florida, most recently working as a contract engineer at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. But after the state legislature passed a spate of laws impacting the LGBTQ+ community, including restrictions on the ability to receive gender-affirming care, Witt quit her job and moved to Chicago.

"I left my entire network behind for my and my partner's safety," said Witt, who is transgender.

She is far from alone. Out Leadership, a New York City-based company that works with businesses to improve organizational diversity, found that nearly 1 in 4 LGBTQ+ workers across the U.S. have moved to a more inclusive city because of recently passed anti-LGBTQ+ laws. Thirty-six percent would consider moving, and nearly one-third said they would take a pay cut to live in a more inclusive place.


John "Jack" Lord is a labor and employment lawyer with Foley & Lardner LLP in Miami and the leader of the firm's affinity group for LGBTQ+ workers. He knows physicians, nurses and teachers who have left Florida because of laws that strip rights from the LGBTQ+ community.

Jake Kleinmahon, a physician specializing in treating pediatric heart conditions, left Ochsner Hospital for Children in New Orleans and moved to New York after Louisiana lawmakers passed laws restricting LGBTQ+ rights.
When I read comments on the Yahoo site many of the comments are “Good riddance” but the thing is and what these bigots don’t consider is that the people leaving are not fast food employees, they are not just store clerks but doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, and other professionals.
"DE&I at its heart is about having enough diversity of thought and connection that it actually makes it a wonderful place to work and an even more profitable place to work," Lord said.
What businesses in these states are going to end up with are white, far-right conservatives, who all think one way. What is often overlooked with diversity is that it brings in people who think differently, they don’t just have one way of thinking, what is thinking outside of the box for one culture is the normal for another culture.
Barron's wrote last year that,
When companies hire Dennis Donovan to help them decide where to put a new facility, he opens with a few basic questions: Do they prefer any particular region? Are there any states with tax policies that make them a no-go?

Now, Donovan says, he’s adding another item to the list: Would the company consider a state that bans abortions?“You ask it right up front,” Donovan says.

States that preserve abortion access are already trying to pull business away from states with bans. “Our pitch to companies is, come to New Jersey, you won’t have to apologize to a big chunk of your employees for the policies of the state,” says Tim Sullivan, chief executive officer of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, a state agency responsible for attracting businesses and investment to the state.
Donovan, a principal at the Bridgewater, N.J.-based corporate site-selection firm Wadley Donovan Gutshaw Consulting, says he expects recognizable consumer brands and technology companies, in particular, to avoid states with abortion bans, over fears of consumer and employee backlash.

“It will cost jobs, there’s no question about it,” he says. “Companies that could have established operations in those states, won’t.”
I like to point out IBM when two hippies came in one day with this new little computer that fits on a desk… IBM threw out the door, everyone knew mainframes are the way to go! They tossed out a trans woman who later was awarded…
IEEE 2009 Computer Pioneer Award
“For contributions to superscalar architecture, including multiple-issue dynamic instruction scheduling, and for the innovation and widespread teaching of simplified VLSI design methods.”
When one of these bigots in Florida or other Republican states needs a pediatrician for their child’s ear infection and they have to wait a couple of weeks to see the doctor, they’ll blame it on the doctor not the fact that many of the pediatrician left the state.
NPR wrote...
June 15, 2023
Medical students in states with abortion bans are having trouble getting all the training they need. Senator Tammy Baldwin, a Democrat from Wisconsin, is co-sponsoring new legislation to address the issue.
Given the legal landscape, Stroebel's not sure how or where she'll practice in the future. For now, she just wants to finish her medical education with the state school that she's enrolled in.
Women's Health reported,
The college decision process has always been complex and emotional. High school seniors ask themselves, ‘Can I afford tuition? Will I fit in and be happy? How far from home is it? What does my college say about me?’ And now, for the first time in two generations, young women are making these decisions in a world where access to reproductive health care is not guaranteed.
When these teaching hospitals have a shortage of interns it will be because the future doctors and nurses are not going to states that ban abortion or trans health because the students want a complete education not one minus learning about abortions or trans health. They don’t want to go to a state where the government is looking over your shoulder on how you treat your patients.

These Republican states will not see a sudden drop in new businesses moving to their states because first the companies have to realize that they are hurting for new recruits and then they have to realize why they are hurting, and then the CEOs have to realize that there is more to the bottom line than money, skilled people.

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  1. Richard Nelson9/21/23, 12:55 PM

    How Nice. All the professional gays and lesbians are leaving. Nice that they can afford to leave and get jobs elsewhere. I hope that they remember those who cannot escape the neo-fascists, perhaps help them leave too, or send back money to groups who are staying in the trenches fighting for human rights and respect. Saving one's own hide and not thinking of others is not a community that I wish to belong to. Nor are they folks who would ever grace my dinner table.
    On another note, it is the same with families of trans youth who cannot leave. We read in the powers that be, newspapers of those who have fled and can afford to flee but not of those who are still trying hard to survive. So, the poor, the working class, the lower middle class are left to fight for the comfortable class once again. I bet you one dollar that when and if the threat of fascism has stopped that those fleeing folks will turn right around and move back to the sunshine, oranges, sugar coated and plastic lifestyle lives.