Friday, September 29, 2023

The End Game.

We all know all the draconian laws against us but what is there ultimate goal?

Why are...
  • They are banning all books about us.
  • They are banning our healthcare.
  • They are banning were we can go the bathroom.
What is their final goal?

Lets take a look at where this happened before.
New Research Reveals How the Nazis Targeted Transgender People
Last year, a German court officially recognized the persecution of trans people by Adolf Hitler’s regime
Smithsonian Magazine
By Laurie Marhoefer, The Conversation
September 21, 2023

In the fall of 2022, a German court heard an unusual case.

It was a civil lawsuit that grew out of a feud on Twitter about whether transgender people were victims of the Holocaust. Though there is no longer much debate about whether gay men and lesbians were persecuted by the Nazis, there’s been very little scholarship on trans people during this period.

The court took expert statements from historians, including myself, before finding that the historical evidence shows that trans people were, indeed, persecuted by the Nazi regime.

This is an important case. It was the first time a court recognized the persecution of trans people in Nazi Germany. It was followed a few months later by the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, formally releasing a statement recognizing trans and cisgender queer people as victims of fascism.

Up until the past few years, there had been little research on trans people under the Nazi regime. Historians like myself are now uncovering more cases, like that of Toni Simon.


The Weimar Republic, the more tolerant democratic government that existed before Hitler, recognized the rights of trans people, though in a begrudging, limited way. Under the republic, police granted trans people permits like the one Simon had.


In Berlin, transgender people published several magazines and had a political club. Some glamorous trans women worked at the internationally famous Eldorado cabaret. The sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, who ran Berlin’s Institute for Sexual Science, advocated for the rights of transgender people.
Does that sound like where we are now in the Blue sates? And then came the right-wing Germans, they passed laws against LGBTQ+ people (Just like Russia has done.).
The rise of Nazi Germany destroyed this relatively open environment. The Nazis shut down the magazines, the Eldorado and Hirschfeld’s institute. Most people who held “transvestite certificates,” as Simon did, had them revoked or watched helplessly as police refused to honor them.
Does that sound like what is happening in the Red states?
The author of a 1938 book on “the problem of transvestitism” wrote that before Hitler was in power, there was not much that could be done about transgender people, but that now, in Nazi Germany, they could be put in concentration camps or subjected to forced castration. That was good, he believed, because the “asocial mindset” of trans people and their supposedly frequent “criminal activity … justifies draconian measures by the state.”
Is that what the Republicans have in mind for us? Is that the Republicans ultimate goal? The extermination of lesbians, gays, and trans people? Some Republicans have suggested concentration camps for us. The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust writes,
Before 1933, Germany was a center of LGBT+ community and culture, with several renowned organizations serving and supporting trans and gender non-conforming people. Hitler’s Nazi government, however, brutally targeted the trans community, deporting many trans people to concentration camps and wiping out vibrant community structures. As transgender people are now increasingly targets of discriminatory legislation and hate, join the Museum for a program exploring these stories and experiences prior to and during the Holocaust.
Then the right-winger took over and the pogrom against us took off, just like today!
The End of Trans America Comes Into Focus
The laws proposed around the country by Republicans would make life for transgender people functionally impossible. The danger is in being under-wrought, not overwrought.
The New Republic
By Brynn Tannehill/
April 24, 2023

Republicans have made it clear that their number one legislative and cultural priority is the “eradication of transgenderism from public life,” as was stated by Daily Wire host Michael Knowles at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year. While Knowles later claimed he did not mean killing transgender people, he made it clear that transgender people have no place in public life in any way shape or form and that the full force of government should be used to achieve this aim.


There is more than a hint of the attitude that “we have tolerated these people for too long, even as they destroy our nation from within and pollute our culture.” There’s incitement to violence to protect women and children, even as party-affiliated militias (whether the Sturmabteilung or the Proud Boys) engage in campaigns of intimidation. Such sentiments and statements would not seem out of place uttered by Goebbels in 1933 or Tucker Carlson today.

There’s a pattern to how states target disfavored minorities with the intention of driving them out, or underground. It starts with rhetoric demonizing a minority, designed to start a moral panic, and with laws meant to “encourage” the targeted minority to leave by making life as dangerous, unpleasant, and untenable for them as possible.
 In another New Republic article they write about how many millions it is costing Florida to defend all these draconian laws...
In reality, DeSantis has spent more than $17 million defending his terrible laws in court since he took office. As a result, the state budget for 2023 includes a $15.8 million allotment just to defend his policies.
That allotment includes $6 million for the governor’s office, compared to just $1.6 million last year. The State University System Board of Governors received an extra $2 million to defend DeSantis’s “Stop Woke” Act, and the attorney general’s office got an additional $5 million to defend the state’s backward Covid-19 vaccination policies.

The extra money for legal costs means that DeSantis is able to hire outside (and much more expensive) lawyers to defend his policies. So far, his administration has spent the most defending laws restricting voting rights, transgender health care, and academic freedom. But despite his best efforts, and his hefty coffers, most of those laws were still overturned.
But what caught my attention in the article was,
These laws, and the many others like them that Republicans are passing across the country, are not actually meant to be good. They aren’t really even meant to stand up in court. The goal is to stoke culture wars and scapegoat people who don’t adhere to strictly conservative lifestyles.
Truth, these laws are all getting their conservative base out to votes... We have to stop these commie fags! Go out and vote. And all the right-wing automatons march like mindless robots to the polls.

Then there was this little gem from the Rolling Stones magazine about Trump's speech in Michigan where says,
Trump mixed promotion of the combustion engine with anti-trans hate, vowing that if he’s re-elected, “Gasoline engines will be allowed” and “sex changes for children will be banned.” Repeatedly mangling his words, Trump referred often to child “mutilization.” He also went on wild digressions about his legal woes (“Now I get indicted every three days!”), and his rivals in the Republican primary field, who are debating in California on Wednesday. “They’re all job candidates,” he said, suggesting that none of them are VP worthy.
If the Republicans get a trifecta on the federal level, be scared. Be very scared! Because you have seen nothing yet, they will do everything they can to make this country a one party nation.

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