Friday, September 22, 2023

A Way Out!


There is a simple way out, no fuss, no muss.

The Republican House is in turmoil running around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off. One deal after another have fallen through, it is almost like the the Republicans want the government to shutdown. The Liberty Caucus have come out with wishy-washy proposals that they keep changing.
With House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s latest funding plan in ruins and lawmakers leaving town for the weekend, there’s no endgame in sight as hard-right Republicans push dangerously closer to a disruptive federal shutdown.


The Republican McCarthy has repeatedly tried to appease his hard-right flank by agreeing to the steep spending cuts they are demanding to keep government open. But cheered on by Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner for president in 2024, the conservatives have all but seized control in dramatic fashion.

In a crushing defeat Thursday, a handful of Republican hardliners blocked a typically popular defense bill from advancing — the second time this week it was set back, an unheard-of loss for a House speaker.
Okay I said that there was an easy way to break this deadlock, the Liberty Caucus has around 10 members. That is all, McCarthy needs ten votes to pass the stop-gap budget. 10… one zero.

In the HuffPost they wrote,
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) had a word for House Republicans on Thursday: “failures.” (Watch the video below.)

The lawmaker appeared on CNN Thursday and expressed deep frustration with the GOP-controlled House’s inability to stop a looming government shutdown. Hindered by holdouts, Republicans failed to advance a defense funding bill earlier, and the lawmakers were sent home by Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) without movement toward preventing the possible furlough of many federal employees.
Two members are working across party lines.
Two House Republicans say they might work with Democrats to fund government
Freshmen Marc Molinaro and Mike Lawler of New York opened the door to end-running Speaker Kevin McCarthy and partnering with Democrats if the GOP stalemate persists.
NBC News
By Sahil Kapur and Rebecca Kaplan
September 22, 2023

As the Republican stalemate over government funding continues, two freshman GOP House members opened the door Thursday to end-running their party’s leadership and working with Democrats to fund the government.

Reps. Marc Molinaro and Mike Lawler, two New York Republicans who represent Hudson Valley-area districts that voted for President Joe Biden in 2020, said they’re willing to consider a “discharge petition” to force votes on a short-term funding bill — if their party fails to get its act together.

“It is absolutely an option,” Molinaro said outside the Capitol steps. “Working to ensure the government remains functional and that Congress is making the legitimate choices as it relates to funding ... is an important principle.”


It’s far from clear what the underlying bill would be — and whether enough Republicans would be willing to break with Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and team up with Democrats to force legislation to a vote.

Earlier, Lawler said that as long as Democrats control the Senate and the White House, “any final bill is going to be bipartisan. And if somebody doesn’t realize that, they’re truly clueless.”
But it doesn’t sit well with other Republicans…
Some right-wing Republicans are warning colleagues not to go there.

“I don’t think it’s healthy, obviously, for Republicans to say they’ll go work literally with Democrats,” said Rep. Bob Good, R-Va. “To try to prevent Republicans from pursuing Republican policies — yeah, I think that would be an unhealthy thing.”
But there are also Democrats who are willing to let the Republicans sink in their own mess.
Jayapal said that if Republicans want Democratic help, they should agree to a simple stopgap bill at current funding levels alongside supplemental requests.

“We’re not inclined to save them,” she said.
If McCarthy really wanted to pass the budget measure all he has to do is sit down with the Democrats and come up with a compromise. He could work out a compromise to pass the stopgap spending bill.

It would a political suicide! The Party would castrate him but the government wouldn’t go into shutdown.
But no. For the Republicans it is party before the country.

McCarthy has put power before country, he craves for the Speakership, he craves for the power and he knows that if he seeks bipartisan support he would lose the Speakership.

But the golden cult leader has spoken from on high!

Engraved in stone,

When the government shuts down on October First, remember this when you vote in 2024, the Republicans don’t care about “The People” they only care about the power!


Updated @ 10:00AM with the NBC article and the HuffPost article.

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