Friday, December 02, 2022

They Don’t Have A Clue.

They are like little parrots repeating the dribble from the right.

They think that it is something obscene or phonographic and then there is just the enmity against us.

The drag show must go on: Organizers say death threats won't stop Southern Pines event
The Fayetteville Observer
By Taylor Shook
December 2, 2022

Key Points:

  •     A drag show planned for Saturday in Southern Pines will continue despite death threats and other accusations.
  •     Community members say far-right conservatives have tried to shut down the event for weeks.
  •     Fearing that militia groups like the Proud Boys will appear at the event, organizers increased security measures.
  •    Town records show that a protest of the drag event is planned.
  •    In response, the community has rallied around event organizers with donations and a planned counter-protest.

Organizers of a downtown Southern Pines drag show say they aren’t backing down after receiving threats of violence from far-right activists.  

The Downtown Divas show planned for Saturday at Sunrise Theater is the fourth drag event hosted by Sandhills Pride in the last few years, Executive Director Lauren Mathers said, but never have the shows caused such a stir in the sleepy Moore County town.  

“Most of the time, if people don’t want to see something, they don’t buy a ticket,” she said.  

This time, the opposition went on a “crusade” to shut down the event by claiming drag performers are pedophiles with intentions of grooming children, Moore County political blog writer Cheryl Christy-Bowman said.

These homophobes don’t care what a drag show is about, they just hate us.

Naomi Dix, a drag artist based in Durham, will host the show. She said right-wing conservatives mischaracterize queer artistry as sexual in nature and unfit for young people, to serve “the hidden agenda that they have, which is not wanting queer people to have events in general.” 

She said most critics are unfamiliar with drag performances, which she compares to attending a Beyonce concert. Like the singer, Dix and other drag artists wear tights, corsets, wigs, makeup and body makeup as they sing and dance onstage. The only difference is that drag performers are “a little more outrageous” with their costumes, Dix said.

They are the ones who are the real “groomers” they spread lies about us, demonize us, and condone violence against us.

Southern Pines Christian school leaders claim that the drag performances target children. In a letter dated Nov. 21, Calvary Christian School administrators urged parents to contact the town council, the theater and show sponsors to ask for the event to be canceled. 

“The LGBTQ forces are coming to Southern Pines and they are after our children,” the letter read in part. “This is their target audience to peddle their abomination.”


In a photo taken at the Sanford event, the group is seen flashing a white power symbol. One man is wearing a hat that states “shoot your local pedophile.”

This is what the Republicans are stirring up.

They are using the same tactics that was used in Germany in the 1930s.

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