Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Shades Of 1938

Tell me, what is the difference between then and now?

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh called on police to “break down the doors” of LGBTQ clubs and arrest drag queens. A firebombing followed.
LGBTQ Nation
By Greg Owen Saturday
December 3, 2022

A pattern of call and response comes into focus with the release of a new report from GLAAD about drag events targeted with threats and violence in 2022.

A record 124 incidents targeting drag events were reported so far this year across 47 U.S. states. GLAAD’s data did not include the Club Q massacre in Colorado Springs, pending an official declaration of motive.

The highest number of threats and incidents took place in Texas (10), North Carolina (10), Illinois (8), Tennessee (6), California (6), and Georgia (5).

A number of events drew weapons or violence. Extremist groups like the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and local white supremacist chapters were involved in several incidents.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma in October, security video captured a person smashing the windows of a doughnut shop before lighting a Molotov cocktail and firebombing the storefront. The same month in Eugene, Oregon, protesters carried semiautomatic rifles and threw rocks and smoke bombs at a drag event.

In Downers Grove, Illinois near Chicago in September, a public library canceled a drag bingo event after receiving a threatening letter that included a bullet and the phrase “more to come.” In Memphis, Tennessee, Proud Boys were among the armed protesters that showed up to a drag event at the Museum of Science and Industry, forcing a last-minute cancellation.
Their whole agenda is to create fear in our community just like the Brownshirts did in 1938.
The SA [Sturmabteilung, AKA Brownshirts] was instrumental in the Nazi’s rise to power yet played a diminished role during the Second World War. The Brownshirts are infamous for their operation outside of the law and their violent intimidation of Germany’s leftists and Jewish population.
The Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters,  the Patriot Front, the White lives Matter Ohio, and other paramilitary groups are fulfilling the same function for the Republican party as the Brownshirts did in the 1930s in Germany. To create fear for the minorities.
By Katie Balevic
December 3, 2022

A drag storytime event scheduled at an Ohio church was cancelled after the Proud Boys, the right-wing extremist group, said they would protest the event. 

Cheryl Ryan, the school manager for Red Oak Community School, said the event was cancelled following disagreements about "how this community could be best protected," according to the Associated Press. The "Holi-Drag Storytime" event was scheduled for Saturday morning at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, the outlet reported. 

The Proud Boys said last month that they would attend and protest the event, per the AP. On Saturday, videos of the protest shared by independent reporter Brendan Gutenschwager showed some participants flashing the white power sign to cars passing by in the Columbus neighborhood.
Go Mag
By Robin Kish
September 14, 2022

Two drag events, one in Illinois and the other in Texas, were canceled this week after receiving threats.
On Monday, the Downers Grove Public Library near Chicago announced that it was canceling a drag queen bingo that had been scheduled for National Coming Out Day (October 11) “due to threats made against” the library.

The event had been aimed at teenagers and was to be hosted by drag queen Aurora Divine. 

“Providing an inclusive, welcoming, and safe space for everyone in the Downers Grove community is of the utmost importance to the library,” the organization said in a statement posted on its Facebook page. “We recognize the significance of offering services and programs like Drag Queen Bingo that provide a window to the world, as well as a mirror to it, creating opportunities for patrons to see the wonderfully diverse community in which we live. Unfortunately, in this case, it is not possible to provide a safe place for everyone due to the threats made.”
They are creating fear throughout our community. People are wondering if it is safe to go to a LGBTQ+ event. Or are they putting their lives at risk.

And it is not just us that are being protested by enmity groups that is being stirred up by right-wing politicians.
AP News
By Michael Kunzelman
December 3, 2022

A surge of anti-Jewish vitriol, spread by a world-famous rapper, an NBA star and other prominent people, is stoking fears that public figures are normalizing hate and ramping up the risk of violence in a country already experiencing a sharp increase in antisemitism.

Leaders of the Jewish community in the U.S. and extremism experts have been alarmed to see celebrities with massive followings spew antisemitic tropes in a way that has been taboo for decades. Some said it harkens back to a darker time in America when powerful people routinely spread conspiracy theories about Jews with impunity.

Former President Donald Trump hosted a Holocaust-denying white supremacist at Mar-a-Lago. The rapper Ye expressed love for Adolf Hitler in an interview. Basketball star Kyrie Irving appeared to promote an antisemitic film on social media. Neo-Nazi trolls are clamoring to return to Twitter as new CEO Elon Musk grants “amnesty” to suspended accounts.

Trump hosted a party with Nick Fuentes and Ye both racist and antisemitic, PBS NewsHour reported…
The meeting drew widespread criticism from people across the political spectrum, but mostly absent were the voices of sitting lawmakers from his own party. A handful of Republicans, including outgoing lawmakers Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger condemned Trump over the weekend, but overwhelmingly the party was silent. On Monday evening, Mike Pence reportedly said that Trump shoucld apologize for the meeting.
Why were they silent?

Could it be because the Republican legislators didn’t want to antagonize their racist and anti-Jewish base?

Since Trump took power there has been a surge in hate crimes!
Through Oct. 18, 77 hate crimes, a 71% increase over the same period last year, were reported this year to the city’s Commission on Human Relations.
Chicago Sun Times
By Fran Spielman
October 20, 2022

Reports of hate crimes are surging in Chicago, particularly crimes targeting Jews and Blacks, a top mayoral aide disclosed Thursday, amid fears it will only get worse as the 2024 presidential election gets closer.

Nancy Andrade, chair of Chicago’s Commission on Human Relations, released the statistics while testifying at City Council budget hearings.

Through Oct. 18, 77 hate crimes had been reported to the commission, a 71% increase from the 45 reported to the commission through the same period last year.

The most frequent targets were Jews (18). Black people were the target 16 times, while in 12 cases white people reported being targeted. After that the reported targets were members of the LGBTQ community (8, not including one crime specifically noted as anti-lesbian); Asian (5); biracial (5); Arab (3); Catholic (1).

The latest FBI Hate Crime Statistics are for 2021.
In August 2021, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released Hate Crime Statistics 2020, an annual compilation of bias-motivated incidents in the United States. Though the number of reporting agencies decreased by 452 since 2019, the overall number of reported incidents increased by 949, contributing to a total of 8,263 hate crime incidents against 11,126 victims in 2020. While annual law enforcement agency participation may fluctuate, the statistics indicate that hate crimes remain a concern for communities across the country.

According to this year’s data, 62% of victims were targeted because of the offenders’ bias toward race/ethnicity/ancestry, which continues to be the largest bias motivation category. Participating agencies reported 5,227 race/ethnicity/ancestry-based incidents in 2020, a 32% increase from 2019. Anti-Black or African American hate crimes continue to be the largest bias incident victim category, with 2,871 incidents in 2020, a 49% increase since 2019. Additionally, there were 279 anti-Asian incidents reported in 2020, a 77% increase since 2019. The other largest categories of hate crimes include anti-Hispanic or Latino incidents, with 517, and anti-White incidents, with 869 in total.


Incidents related to gender and gender identity increased since 2019 with increases in gender-related incidents by 9% and gender identity-related incidents by 34%. There were:
  • 50 anti-female incidents, a decrease of 4% since 2019;
  • 25 anti-male incidents, an increase of 47%;
  • 213 anti-transgender incidents, an increase of 41%; and
  • 53 anti-gender non-conforming incidents, an increase of 13%.
Is there any doubt of the causes of the increase in violence with politicians like Rep. Boebert, Rep. Greene, and Fox News host Carlson spewing their enmity against us and other minorities.

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