Sunday, October 01, 2023

It Is Spreading!

Like a slim across the globe and sadly I think it all started here in the U.S. by the right-wing holier than thou crowd.

This popped up on Facebook yesterday...
Best and worst countries to be LGBTQ+ in Europe, revealed
The annual Rainbow Map ranking has named Malta as the best nation for LGBTQ+ rights in Europe for the eighth year in a row, while the UK’s score continues to fall.
The Pink News
By Emily Chudy
May 11, 2023

ILGA-Europe’s Rainbow Map and Index has ranked European countries on the basis of their “legal and policy situation” for LGBTQ+ people each year since 2009.

The index ranks countries from zero to 100 per cent, with zero representing gross violations of human rights, and 100 representing full equality.

Countries are marked in seven categories: equality and non-discrimination, family, hate crime and hate speech, legal gender recognition, intersex bodily integrity, civil society space, and asylum.

The 2023 list published on Thursday (11 May) placed Malta top, with a score of 89 per cent.
The conservatives in England are driving down the rating to England and it is also getting scary in Germany. But,
The worst countries for LGBTQ+ people in Europe are Azerbaijan (two per cent), Turkey (four per cent), and Armenia (eight per cent). Those three countries have retained the bottom three places for the past three years. However, ILGA-Europe said Armenia rose slightly after revoking its ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men.


The organisation condemned anti-LGBTQ+ discourse in the media and public sphere, claiming discussion around the trans community has become “more polarised and violent”.

It added that challenges to “freedom of assembly” had also been noted across Europe in the past year, with attempts in Serbia and Turkey to ban Pride gatherings.
However, it said that “despite intense anti-LGBTQ+ attacks in several countries, equality is still advancing across Europe”
I have my theories as to why we are slipping backwards all around the world… income inequalities. As the oligarchs gobble up all the wealth those at the bottom are fighting for table scrapes and the infighting for the left-overs on the floor are dividing us. The oligarchs use us to redirect the anger… see those gays and trans people they are the reason you can’t get food and housing! Just like Hitler and Mussolini did in the 1930s create bogymen, and scapegoats to direct their anger away from the oligarchs.
ILGA-Europe’s executive director, Evelyne Paradis, said: “As powerfully evidenced in this year’s Rainbow Map, the rise of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric from anti-democratic forces, particularly instrumentalising false anti-trans narratives, is being fought back by politicians in Europe who have the courage to make a stand for the fundamental human rights and equality of every citizen.
I feel sadly that we are heading the worlds of “1984” and a “Brave New World” that we are heading for a dystopian world.

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