Friday, December 06, 2019

My Two Cents

Most of you probably have seen the Outsports article on trans athletes and the push-back they are receiving…
Cracking the code of bias against transgender athletes
A peek at the transphobe’s playbook.
By Karleigh Webb
December 3, 2019

Transgender participation in sport has come to the forefront in the last few years at all levels, from youth leagues to the Olympics. And that’s led to backlash from many groups and individuals who are supported by and stand up for those who have always maintained an anti-LGBTQ position.

On November 20, Outsports contributor Ken Schultz looked into what’s behind a recent poll by Rasmussen, which concluded a majority of Americans oppose transgender inclusion in sports.

What he found were polling methods and loaded questions with terms that slant toward creating results opposing trans inclusion.

In his analysis, Schultz stated: “In order to move the debate in that more inclusive direction, we need to educate the public on these kinds of biased euphemisms and anti-trans code words that transphobes use to sway public opinion.”
In the article she goes over the bias in the polls and in their attacks against us.

But what I want to talk about is the nature of the attacks on us.

Back in the mid-2000’s they started attacking us over bathrooms; remember the YouTube video of the grubby old man following a young girl in to the bathroom? They ignored the fact that no one had ever said that they were trans in order to justified going in to a bathroom to rape someone nor was there any trans people who went into bathrooms to rape a woman. They didn’t get much traction with their lies about bathroom, well now they are trying again but this time with trans athletes and it started here in Connecticut.

Two trans athletes won in the state championship track and field event and two losers cried foul, organizations like the Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation picked up the banner and ran with it.

They totally ignored all the trans athletes that lost. They totally ignored all the research done by the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They totally ignored all the medical associations research. Facts don’t matter to them.

I think that they are probing what they consider a weak-point in our defenses. They think that we are vulnerable around trans athletes.

I will make this prediction… we will see legislation introduced in this year’s legislative session. It is an election year and I think that the Republicans will use trans athletes as a wedge issue.

Update 1:00 PM

I just found this article on a trans athlete…
Transgender cyclist swamped with death threats after Donald Trump Jr ‘Twitter tantrum’
Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon has said she is facing death threats and abuse online after being targeted by Donald Trump Jr.
Pink News UK
By Nick Duffy
December 6, 2019

McKinnon, an athlete and philosophy professor, was targeted by the president’s son in October after picking up a gold medal in a women’s event at the U.C.I. Masters Track Cycling World Championships.

Trump Jr – who is not known for his athleticism, academic accomplishment, business acumen or sense of personal decency –  had shared articles from anti-LGBT+ conservative outlets referring to McKinnon as a “biological male”.

He tweeted: “This BS will destroy women’s sports and everything so many amazing female athletes have worked their entire lives to achieve. I couldn’t care less how you identify, but this isn’t right.”
This is from the person in the White House that will do or say anything stirring up hate and violence against minorities. He dishonors his office, the official policy of the United States of America is now endorsing intolerance, bigotry, segregation and separation.

As I mention in the above post, the opposition “totally ignored all the trans athletes that lost.”
She added: “If you think I have an unfair competitive advantage, consider this: I lose most of my races. I won five out of 22 events in 2019; none of those I won were against strong international fields.

“The woman who took second place to me in the masters world championship sprint event, Dawn Orwick, beat me just days earlier in the 500-meter time trial.

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