Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Do You Remember First Lady Response?

When in the impeachment hearing when her son was mentioned?

Well the Republicans do it every days against trans youth, in about five states they are trying to pass laws banning trans youth from transitioning.
The Conservative War on Transgender Rights Has Reached a New Low
They’re going after kids.
Mother Jones
By Laura Thompson
December 4, 2019

Rachel Gonzales has spent the last two years battling Texas lawmakers to protect her kid. She first stepped foot in the statehouse in 2017, to testify against a bill that would bar her 7-year-old, transgender daughter from using the girl’s bathroom. Next came an effort to stop a bill to prohibit family courts from using a parent’s affirmation (or lack thereof) of a child’s transgender identity as a consideration in custody hearings.

Both bills eventually died, but Gonzales is now gearing up for yet another fight. This fall, two Republican lawmakers in the state vowed to introduce legislation barring trans kids from receiving certain gender-affirming health care and criminalizing parents who allow their children to transition.
“I really wish that our politicians would stop using young children for their political gain,” Gonzales says. “It’s so frightening to have the people that are supposed to be protecting all kids across the state to be instead picking and choosing who they want to protect and targeting the ones that they don’t.”
Why are they attacking trans children?

What is the motive behind their horrible proposed laws?

It is not the facts because the facts show that it is beneficial to trans youth to transition and that by not allowing trans children to transition causes lasting harm to the children. Could it be because they are pandering to their evangelical base? Could it be because it brings in campaign donations?

New study shows that our gender identity is deep seated.
Groundbreaking UW study: Transgender kids’ gender identity is as strong as that of cisgender children
Seattle Times
By Ryan Blethen
December 9, 2019

Gender identity is as strong in transgender children as it is in cisgender children (those who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth), no matter how long a child has been treated as being a gender they don’t identify with, according to initial findings from a University of Washington study that is the largest of its kind.

The results bolster earlier UW research that has found transitioning doesn’t affect a transgender child’s sense of self.

The study also found that transgender children’s gender development mirrors that of cisgender kids.

For example, just as cisgender children tend to show interest in toys and clothes that society stereotypically associates with their gender, transgender children tend to do the same for things associated with the gender they identify as.
“These children have a very clear understanding of the things assigned to the sexes,” Gülgöz said. “But it looks like, once they identify their gender, they are gravitating toward what society shows them.”
Just because a trans girl doesn’t like dolls or playing house doesn’t mean that the child isn’t trans.
There is nuance when it comes to the influence of stereotypes, Gülgöz noted. How much girls like traditionally feminine things can vary, for instance, but researchers found that variance occurs to about the same extent in transgender girls as in cisgender girls, she said.
For a long time research on trans children have been tinted by researchers like Dr. Zucker who have been biased in their research.
The UW researchers studied 822 children from the United States and Canada — 317 transgender children between the ages of 3 and 12, 189 of their cisgender siblings and 316 other cisgender children as a control group — and will follow them into adulthood.
Maybe these studies will lead to a better understanding about transitioning youth.
Transgender populations are understudied, according to the American Psychological Association. The study will deepen the available literature about transgender children and could become a resource for transgender children and their families, Gülgöz said.
And that these studies can be use to counter the hate coming from the conservatives.

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