Thursday, January 04, 2018

You Know Where I Stand

You know where I stand on this
CBB's India Willoughby raises eyebrows by saying drag queens like RuPaul CHEAPEN the transgender debate
Twitter fans were not impressed by the reality star's comments on the fabulous Drag Race hostess...
By James Draper
4 JAN 2018

She's representing the transgender community in Celebrity Big Brother.

But, despite her best intentions, India Willoughby has already put her foot in it with TV viewers - after saying people can't distinguish between permanent reassignment and drag.

Speaking to fellow housemate Maggie Oliver on Tuesday's episode, she said: "For people like me it's not a part time thing and it's not a choice.

"That word transgender can mean everything from Ru Paul to someone who's Bob one day and Barbara another day and I think that cheapens the seriousness of it."
I do not like RuPaul's Drag Race not because they do drag but rather because of the comments they have made about trans people.

The general public makes no distinction between gays, drag queens, and trans people, they see us as all the same. They do not understand the nuances between drag queens, crossdressers, transsexuals, and gay. They lump us all together as “gay”

However, the LGBT community should know better and we shouldn’t exhibit lateral hostilities between the sub-cultures. We shouldn’t paint the communities with a broad brush; yes there are gays and lesbians who hate us. Yes, there are trans folk who hate gays and lesbians but many, many more support us. It is really a form of lateral hostility where one sub-group tries to separate themselves because of internal conflicts.

I am not saying we should all sit around the camp fire singing Kumbaya but let’s not tear each other down.

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