Friday, January 12, 2018

It Would Be Great If This Passed.

Connecticut is one of only nine states to ban Conversion Therapy and now New Hampshire could have been number ten, but for the Republicans…
New Hampshire Lets Debunked Gay Conversion Therapy Remain Legal
At least nine states and over two dozen municipalities have banned the potentially harmful treatment.
Huffington Post Queer Voices
By Sara Boboltz
January 10, 2018

A ban on “conversion therapy,” a discredited practice that attempts to change sexual orientation or gender identity, failed to pass Tuesday in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives.

Two proposed bills would have protected minors from treatments aimed at erasing LGBTQ identity that medical professionals have labeled ineffective and potentially harmful.

Both the House and Senate versions of the legislation failed narrowly in a vote that fell largely along party lines, with Republicans generally opposing any change to existing state law. The measure was introduced in the New Hampshire Senate by Sen. Martha Fuller Clark (D) after a similar change failed in the state two years ago.
Once again the Republicans have shot it down.
Supporters of the New Hampshire legislation noted that being gay is not a mental health issue and should not be treated as such. Those who argued against the ban said it went too far in preventing counselors from talking to minors about temporary crushes.
They lie, they used to same argument here in Connecticut, the bill in both states would not ban counselors from discussion being LGBT, the law only prevents a therapist from trying make someone straight.
Lawmakers also said they found no evidence the practice existed in New Hampshire, the Associated Press reported.
They also used the same argument here in CT, our reply was what do you want someone to commit suicide first? Also there are probably groups in New Hampshire that are practicing Conversion Therapy, there were some in CT, they didn’t advertise but religious officials knew where to look for therapist who practiced Conversion Therapy.

New Hampshire is the only state in New England that hasn’t passed a gender inclusive non-discrimination law.

There state motto is “Live Free or Die” unfortunately they don’t want us to live free, they rather have us die.

Update 1/13/18:

New Hampshire Speaker Casts Tie-Breaking Vote That Killed The State’s Gay Conversion Therapy Ban
“I want all children to be able to grow up without being told that they should not be who they are.”
By Dan Avery
January 12, 2018

Democrats in New Hampshire hoped to join their ranks, but two bans before lawmakers failed to pass by razor-thin margins this week. In fact, bills in both the House and Senate ended in ties, with House Speaker Gene Chandler stepping in to cast the deciding vote against each.

 Most lawmakers voted along party lines, though Rep. Brian Stone, a Republican in Northwood called the widely discredited therapy “an unethical practice that causes long-term trauma to children… It is neither efficacious in science nor in practice.”

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