Monday, January 08, 2018

Trail Blazers

Trail blazers don’t usually start out breaking new ground but rather they just want to do something that no one else has done.

When model and actress Caroline (Tula) Cossey made her modeling and acting debut they drove her out of town when they found out she was trans.
MODEL BEHAVIOUR Who is Paris Lees? The first openly transgender model to feature in British Vogue, journalist and activist
From being bullied at school to an eight-month prison spell and a battle with depression at university, it's been a long and often difficult journey to where Paris is today
By Josie Griffiths
5th January 2018

TODAY, she's a fierce feminist, human rights campaigner, writer and model - but life wasn't always so easy for Paris Lees.

As she becomes the first openly transgender woman to be featured in British Vogue, here's what we know about Paris...
Where would I recognise Paris Lees from?
Paris founded META, the first British magazine aimed at the trans community, and was the acting assistant editor of Gay Times.

You may remember her from past Sun columns - and can read her views on gender-neutral toilets here.

She also writes for The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Vice and has appeared on Channel 4 news.

In January 2018, she was the first openly trans woman to appear in British Vogue, during a special shoot celebrating 100 years since women got the right to vote here in Britain.
She has led the way for many trans women who want to go into modeling.

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