Monday, January 08, 2018

News Flash… Supreme Court…

This morning the Supreme Court refused to hear a case that would have overturned the new Mississippi state law that gives special rights to people to discriminate against others just by claiming it is against their religion.
Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge to Miss. LGBT law
The Hill
By Lydia Wheeler
January 8, 2018

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear two cases challenging a Mississippi law that allows businesses and government employees to deny services to LGBT people based on their religious beliefs.

The court’s refusal to hear the case leaves intact the law, known as H.B. 1523, that says the state government will not take any discriminatory action against persons who don’t believe in same-sex marriage, homosexuality and transgenderism.
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out a lower court order putting the law on hold and dismissed the challenges brought by state residents and two groups — The Campaign for Southern Equality and Joshua Generation Metropolitan Community Church.

The court said the challengers did not prove they’ve been personally injured by the state law, which is required to bring a legal challenge. The court added the residents and LGBT advocates only claimed to suffer a “stigmatic injury” and that’s not enough to bring a case.
This is bad, from the sounds of it the courts want someone to be discriminated against to bring the law suit. However, the court didn’t say anything about it being Constitutional or not, they just rejected it on what seems to me as technical groups.

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