Saturday, January 20, 2018

Being Outed!

Many times we are outed not by our own choosing but by someone forcing us out.

This is my story…

Back in 2007 I was working to on my testimony that I was planning on giving to the Judiciary Committee and as I usually do after my initial draft I let it sit for a day or two and then go back to proofread it. I repeat the cycle a couple of times to pick up any typos or grammar mistakes. In addition I also may add or delete anything to improve the flow.

So I brought it to work to touch it up like I did many times before. So I had it open in the background on my computer (you cannot see the screen from my desk unless you walk around behind me.).

Well that was a mistake.

One of my technicians came and asked me some questions so I opened the file that we were talking about and printed out the part we were talking about… but nothing printed out on my printer. Hmm… I tried it again but still nothing.

I looked to see where it printed* and I saw it was on the department printer. Hmm… so I changed it to my printer.

When the tech left I went back to the work I was doing before he interrupted me.

Well about an hour latter one of my techs came to my desk and threw two sheets of paper at me saying “Is this your shit!” and it was my testimony…OH SHIT!

I came up instantly with, “It is my cousin’s and she asked me to proofread it for her.

That was what I thought was the end of it… whew!

Well on June 29 I was laid off because they were closing down our division and slowly laying off the employees.

That night I saw a massive number of hits on my blog. Usually I have around 120 hits a day, well that day I had over 500 hits! So I looked at my web stats (you can tell only  the ISP that visitors come from like Comcast, Verizon, or other internet providers) and they were all from my former employer’s domain name! Whoa! What is this? How did the employees find my bog, I don’t use my last name or anything to connect me to my blog.

The next day I called up my friend in HR and she said my technician blabbed it all over the company!

Well a little while later the emails started coming in from work…

And they all were positive! A couple of days later I even received an email from one of my former technician who is a Jehovah Witness and is an elder in the church. He wrote that he just found out about my transition and he said he didn’t understand it but he knew me and new it couldn’t be bad. Wow!

Probably a half a year later one of my former technicians died and I went to his funeral and met many of my former technicians and engineers that I used to work with and I was nervous as hell so I went with my HR friend. As usual I had nothing to worry about, it was kind of weird standing around talking shop as Diana but other than that I had a good time (as much as you can have at a funeral).

Oh and my technician that spilled the beans, he kept far away from me.

This afternoon I am at the Women's March in Hartford.

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  1. wow... such unprincipled people should not have jobs where they are privy to any sort of what might be called company documents, or even personal papers. So fortunate that it turned out well for you. Give that tech an F-!