Tuesday, January 09, 2018

A Small Step For Trans People

But every step is a good one when it is in the right direction. In New Hampshire it has been a hard battle to pass trans non-discrimination bills, but one step that direction was the election of a trans woman to a school board and the introduction of a new gender inclusive bill.
Transgender people seek equal protections in NH
By Alexander LaCasse
Posted Jan 7, 2018

Somersworth resident and newly elected School Board member Gerri Cannon enjoyed a great job in the computer industry for more than 31 years, but she still wasn’t happy.
Cannon said over the course of the next year, she was put on “watch” at her job; with superiors keeping tabs on her to ensure she was dressed “appropriately” at work. When she was finally laid off, she had to sign a waiver agreement in order to obtain her sizable severance package to support her two kids going to college and paying the mortgage on two properties after her spouse at the time asked her to move out.
The workplace discrimination transgender people face is just one reason why Cannon and Freedom New Hampshire are working to include the term “gender identity” as grounds for protection under New Hampshire’s anti-discrimination statute with House Bill 1319.
The last time there was a trans non-discrimination bill in the New Hampshire legislature even the sponsors of the bill didn’t vote for it but the trans and LGBT organizations have been laying the ground work for the bill, hopefully this year will be the year that it passes.
Freedom New Hampshire anticipates similar opposition this year and has prepared a “myth busters” document explaining why the bill’s supporters feel those fears are unfounded, noting the bill is supported by the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police and the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Dover Police Chief Anthony Colarusso is among those who spoke in favor of the bill last year, saying at the time, “In places where legal protections are in place, rates of violence against transgender individuals go down with no uptick in public safety incidents.”
Back when the first bill was introduced in 2009 they didn't line up their supporters, it seems like they have done that this year.

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