Sunday, January 07, 2018

Them vs. Us

In this case it the people who  are fighting against us claiming that we are immoral and are forcing our “lifestyle” upon them.
LETTER: Transgender issue undermines morality
Echo Press
By John Miller, Miltona, MN
Posted on Jan 6, 2018

To the editor:
I think there are some things that need to be said about the transgender issue that haven't been said.

The Left has tried to use the transgender issue to undermine morality in this country. It is evil to undermine morality in the country. The Bible says that God created people male and female, so where does transgender come from? Gender confusion is the work of Satan. It is Satan who tries to pervert, destroy, and take control of or in some way mess up what had created.

Transgender people who try to change themselves into the opposite sex are really following Satan's direction for their life. They need to repent of following Satan and they need God to deliver them from their gender confusion.

These days western nations are making laws to protect and promote the works of Satan and also equality for Satan's ways. All this is evil in God's eyes.
In 1850 in the DeBow Review they published…
We find, then, that both the Old and New Testaments speak of slavery—that they do not condemn the relation, but, on the contrary, expressly allow it or create it; and they give commands and exhortations, which are based upon its legality and propriety. It can not, then, be wrong.
The Bible and other ”holy” books we find many references about why owning another person is sanctioned by god. So when people quote the Bible to us on why it is okay to discriminate against us we are in good company.;  “holy books” have been used to justify going to war, slavery, the oppression of women, and lesbians, gays bi-sexuals, and to marginalize trans people.

As for being immoral; I’ll tell you what is immoral, it is forcing a person to live a lie, it is forcing someone to live a life of misery because of your bigotry, and it is making a community sub-human.

So don’t thump your Bible at me and tell that I am Satan’s spawn because it is you who is evil and filled with hate.

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