Thursday, January 11, 2018


Down under in Australia their legislature just legalized marriage equality, but three guesses who was left behind under the bus.
By Christianna Silva
January 10, 2018

Australia legalized same-sex marriages in December, and on January 9, 2018, same-sex couples began getting married across the country. But there’s still one glaring issue with the law that makes marriage for transgender people significantly more difficult—if they want to legally change their sex, they have to get a divorce.

Australians can only legally change their sex on their birth certificate if they meet four qualifications: their original birth certificate is registered, they’re over 18 years old or their parents agree, they have had sex reassignment surgery, and they are not currently married.

This law was established to prevent same-sex marriages, which were illegal in Australia before 2018. So, if a man and woman were legally married and one of them underwent a sex change, they wouldn't be legally married in the country anymore. But the Australian law still stands, even though same-sex marriage is legalized.
I guess nationally the law was repealed but it is still on the books in the states…
No matter what the country chooses to do, it will be illegal to refuse a transgender person the right to change their sex based on marital status by December 9, 2018. When the Parliament passed same-sex marriage legislation, they repealed a subsection of the Sex Discrimination Act that allowed the states to ban married transgender people from changing their birth certificate, according to BuzzFeed News.

But Campbell told the news outlet that the issue is still just as important. She added that keeping the law will result in continued discrimination against transgender people. "It might take months, it might be left to the last minute," she said. "State governments with a particularly difficult parliament, it might fall off. What’s the scenario then? Trans people will be forced to make unnecessary anti-discrimination complaints for no good reason."
Now that the gays and lesbians have won the right to marry, let’s see if they continue the fight for us?

Or will they continue their partying and high fives and walk away leaving us behind?

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