Monday, January 29, 2018

This Is A Step In The Right Direction

I don’t like it, but what are the options?

Without proper care the risk of self-harm grows exponentially, so what do you do when the parents are totally against their child transitioning, one child to their parents to court.
Judge to rule on transgender teen who wants to pursue hormone therapy
By Kevin Grasha, The Cincinnati Enquirer Published
January 27, 2018

CINCINNATI — An Ohio judge will decide next month whether to grant full custody to the grandparents of a transgender boy so he can pursue hormone therapy, which his parents oppose.

Closing arguments in the case, which began in December in Hamilton County Juvenile Court, took place Friday.

The now-17-year-old wants to transition in gender, but prosecutors say his parents deny he is transgender and have refused services from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Instead, one of their attorneys said Friday, the parents prefer therapy to “get to the underlying causes” of the teen’s desire to transition.
The state prosecutor said,
A Hamilton County assistant prosecutor who is representing Job and Family Services said the parents’ stance could lead the teen to suicide.
According to LGBTQ Nation…
The parents refused to accept their son, forcing him to spend six hours a day in a room listening to Bible verses. They did not allow him to change “appearance to a male look” or seek hormone replacement therapy.
Later that year, the boy emailed a suicide crisis hotline and said that his parents refused to take him to therapy “unless it was Christian-based.”
It is very hard for a minor to get proper treatment when their parents are against it; I have heard some rumors that here in Connecticut has taken some trans children from their parents when the parents were opposed to their child’s transition. Also Connecticut is one of the few states to ban Conversion Therapy for minors; but there are limits to the ban, first is that they have to be licensed healthcare or therapists and second religious organizations are not banned from practicing Conversion Therapy because of the First Amendment. However if a religious official is licensed therapist or healthcare provider they can lose their medical license.

Whatever you do you don’t want to read the comments… very hateful, even the ones on LGBTQ Nation/

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