Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year In Review – 2008

It is that time of the year to look back at this year’s milestones for me and in trans-community. Most list look back at the celebrities, or those who died or other major events that occurred this year. However, I feel it is important to look at the high and low points within our own community (The Links are to my Blog entries)…

The first major political event in the trans-community was New Jersey passing a gender inclusive Anti-Discrimination law. (Link)

Heating oil price went to $3.35 (Link)

I went to the First Event Conference in Boston (Link)

I was worried about the growing budget deficit (Link)

I went up to see Kate Bornstein at Smith College in Northampton MA (Link)

A trans-woman is murdered in Detroit (Link)

A 15 year old trans-youth was murder in Oxnard California (Link)

Lobby Day at the state Capital (Link)

Another murdered trans-youth in Detroit and a 10 year old hangs herself because her mom would not let her go to school as a girl and a 17 year old Fort Lauderdale trans-youth was shot to death. (Link)

I sent in my application for grad school (Link)

It was a bad month for being trans…

In March the results of a poll by the Empire State Pride Agenda was released that found… that New Yorkers overwhelmingly support passing a law that provides transgender people with protections from discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and other areas of everyday life. The survey found that 78% of New Yorkers favor such a law while just 13% do not. (Link)

The Judicial Committee’s hearing for the Anti-Discrimination legislation was held
and I testified at the hearing, the bill passed the committee with a vote of Yeas 37 & Nays 6.(Link 1(Link 2)(Link 3)

The support group (Connecticut Outreach Society) that I am a member of gave me a lifetime achievement award at our annual Banquet.(Link)

Traveling down to Washington DC to lobby for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) (Link)

The Trans Health and Law Conference (Link)

My acceptance to the graduate program at the University Of Connecticut School Of Social Work (Link)

National Public Radio (NPR) had two excellent shows on Gender Identity Disorder in children (Link 1)(Link 2)

A “Silent ‘T’ Party” a video on the non-inclusive ENDA and it shows the warped thinking of the HRC (Link)

Jesse Ventura gets it! (Link)

Northampton Trans Pride Rally (Link 1)(Link 2)

The American Medical Association (AMA) - Removing Barriers to Care for Transgender Patients(Link 1)(Link 2)

A local “LGBT” newspaper wrote an editorial about the 1969 Stonewall Uprising and totally dis’d the trans-community by saying that it was “only” the gays who rioted. The editorial created a firestorm not only in the trans-community but also in the lesbian community because they had fired the woman editor earlier. The paper basically became a gay newspaper and they only throw a bone to the lesbian and trans communities once in awhile. (Link)

Congressional hearing on the gender inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) was truly a historic event, it was the very first time that there were hearing on Capital Hill involving transgender people.(Link 1)(Link 2)

My first anniversary of my transition. (Link)

The looming mortgage crisis… (Link)

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) issued a statement about the medical necessity of treatment for gender-related issues. (Link)

The House Armed Services Subcommittee held a hearing on the military Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. (Link)

The American Psychological Association (APA) issues a resolution supporting transgender right and the “Medical Necessity” of treatment for transgender individuals. (Link)

What would September be without the Connecticut Trans Advocacy Coalition’s Fashion show. (Link)

Diane Schroer wins her court case against the Library of Congress for discrimination (Link)

Marriage Equality, at last! (Link 1)(Link 2)

At Fantasia Fair conference in Provincetown, I gave my first workshop presentation. (Link)

We lost! And the bigot won. California Proposition 8 passes and in Florida and Arizona, the homophobes won.(Link 1)(Link 2)

The Transgender American Veterans Association released their survey of the Veteran Administration treatment of transgender veterans and the survey shows that the VA has a long way to go end discrimination. (Link)

Transgender Day of Remembrance(Link 1)(Link 2)

An exhibit at UConn Storrs campus called the "Margins to the Mainstream: GLBTQ Culture and History" has no “T”(Link 1)(Link 2)(Link 3)

The first “out” trans-person is hire by Barney Franks to be on his Washington DC staff. (Link)

The Kalamazoo City Commission passes an ordinance banning discrimination against gays, lesbians and transgender individuals in housing, public accommodations and employment. (Link)

Three murders in Memphis Tennessee and two in Indianapolis Indiana (Link)

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