Friday, December 26, 2008

New Jersey’s Jug Handles

I hate them! I stayed at a motel while I was visiting my niece in New Jersey and when I drove over to her house, the jug handles were driving my nuts. I had to make a left turn to get to her house. I got in the left lane for the left turn lane at the intersection, but there was a “No Turns” sign at the intersection, after a couple of intersections like that I notice the jug handle after the intersection. I got in the right lane for the next intersection to take the jug handle after the intersection, but it was before the intersection… Grrr!

OK, now I looked for the jug handle either before or after the intersection. However, the next intersection had a left turn lane… Arrrggg!!!

I went miles before I was able to make the U-turn and I had to drive miles back to the intersection that I originally had to take.

What does New Jersey have against left turns?


  1. i'm from Pennsylvania, and I really think the reason why I do not like New Jersey, or to even travel to it is because of those jug handles! Hang in There, and Have a Happy Holiday

    Purple Stinky Onion

  2. OMG... last time I was in ACY for work, I ended up at the end of a hurricane in Absecon, and those damned "no left turns" drove me absolutely crazy. Wasted more gas going back and forth... and then to top it off, roads were closed! I feel your pain Diana.

    Have a great New Year's gal!