Saturday, December 06, 2008

Once Again We Are The Invisible "T"

I went to see an exhibit at UConn Storrs campus called the "Margins to the Mainstream: GLBTQ Culture and History" and I was terrible disappointed with the exhibit. I expected to see more on displays about transgender history than the half a dozen exhibits that were displayed. In the list of notable historic events, only the Compton Riot was mentioned. We were just reduced to a fragment of a sentence during the Stonewall Riots.

In addition, another point of contention was the statement on the wall by the entrance about Connecticut’s “comprehensive” Anti-discrimination law, from the transgender view it was not comprehensive since we were left out and we are still fighting to be included.

The reasons that I am so passionate on this is because I am trans and because when Congressman Barney Franks pulled the gender inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act from the floor of the House and replaced it with non-inclusive ENDA, the reason he gave was that trans-community didn’t earn it. He said the gay community had fought for ENDA for thirty years and the trans-community just recently lobby for the bill; Rep. Franks just totally discounted forty years of trans-activism.

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  1. How sad for someone to discount anyone's efforts.