Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Six - Episode 246

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six - Episode 246

1. How many members of your family not living with you did you see on Christmas Day?
There were sixteen members of our extended family at my niece’s house in New Jersey and that is counting my sister-in-law’s sister’s family.

2. When spending time with family, how long after you arrive do you begin to feel “antsy” about being there too long?
Would you believe five minutes? Well actually, it was around eight at night and I got there at nine in the morning.

3. Is your family more likely to have pleasant discussions or heated arguments during a big meal? Do you join in or quietly listen in?
We were discussion the state of the economy and the environment over dinner, with topics such as sending the kids off to college next year.

4. Take the quiz: How Do You Really Feel About Your Family?

You Feel Inadequate Around Someone in Your Family

You are very quick to forgive your family for wrongdoings. You don't expect them to be perfect, and you try to help them out whenever it's possible.
You feel like your family is prone to too many arguments and instability. You never feel like things can be completely peaceful.
You feel envious toward someone in your family. You can't help but be jealous of someone's success or popularity.
You tend to be the rock in your family. You support everyone in their times of need, and they take your advice seriously.

They had somethings right and the others were way off the the mark. I am quick to forgive and I take everyone's advice seriously, but everything else is totally off the wall.

5. Consider the family member whose views are most opposite of your own: If your friends or co-workers met the person, what single topic would probably be the source of the most embarrassment for you if your friends heard that person talking?
I think that they would get along very well together; the touchy topic would have been the unions.

6. Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? What one thing that you didn’t get would you like to have received?

I think that I got everything that I would have liked get. I really didn’t want much and I received the DVD that I wanted, “Momma Mia.”

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