Monday, July 23, 2007

Sometimes Evil Strikes Close to Home.

Sometimes evil strikes close to home. Today in Cheshire CT a horrible crime was done on a doctor, his wife and two beautiful daughters. The kindest, gentlest, compassionate and understanding doctor I have ever known. He was always there to listen; he never hurried you through the office visit.
I remember one time I was his last patient of the day and he had a student from UConn Medical School there. He sent him in to do a work-up on me, the student was from Columbia and was a little fluster with having a transsexual patient but was trying so hard to be polite and keep the pronouns correct. When Dr. Petit came in and asked him what he learned, the student recited everything that he had found out from me. After he went through his findings Dr Petit said, “And?” He said some more things that he thought of and Dr Petit said, “And?” By this time the student was getting a little nervous trying to figure out what he forgot to ask and Dr Petit said, “Did you notice that she is a transsexuals?” and the students nodded his head realizing that he had not stated the obvious. The three of us then sat and talked for about a half hour about transsexualism.
Tonight he lies in a hospital in Stable condition, but his wife and two daughters were killed. I ask all of to pray for him and his family tonight.


  1. I still can't believe it. He is a wonderful man, and always took the time to listen to his patients. All we can do is pray for him and his family.

  2. I want to thank you for sharing your perfectly typical story about Bill. He is our dear friend and neighbor.