Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Paperwork, Paperwork!

I stood in line for ninety minutes at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get my driver license changed and then another hour to get my registration and title on my car changed and it was worth it. When I was telling the nursing home administrator where my aunt lives she said I was the first person whom she met that smiled when they said they had to wait for two and half hours at the DMV. My license, car title and car registration all say Diana Royce and my license has an “F” for sex. YEAH!!!

I also had my paperwork changed at two banks and my pharmacy (two hours total time for the three.) So I spent my day waiting and waiting and waiting. Now Thursday I am going to tackle the town hall for voter registration, property deed and taxes and also the water department; that should eat up most of the day. And then on to the utilities on Friday.

Lucky I'm retired.