Monday, May 02, 2016

An Act Of Civil Disobedience

When you protest and break the law you get arrested. When you burn private property you can expect to be arrested no matter what your cause is.
Accused in UBC Pride flag burning asks court to drop charge
Stop imposing LGBT politics on me, says Brooklyn Marie Fink
Daily Xtra
By Robin Perelle
Published on Tue, Apr 26, 2016

The woman accused of burning a Pride flag at the University of British Columbia made her first appearance in court April 26, 2016, and immediately asked the court to dismiss the charge against her.

“This is a matter between a student and her school,” Brooklyn Marie Fink told justice of the peace Barbara Brown-Sayson at the Richmond courthouse. “This isn’t a matter of mischief, so it should just be summarily dismissed.”

Fink is charged with one count of mischief under $5,000 in connection with the Feb 6, 2016 burning of a Pride flag raised at UBC for OUTweek.

“It’s going to be dealt with at school, as a professional matter between professionals,” Fink told the court. She says she’ll face a non-academic misconduct hearing at UBC on May 10.
Um… it doesn’t work that way. When you destroy private property it becomes a criminal matter.
Fink says she was just trying to live her life “stealth” — as a woman, rather than a trans woman — when UBC hosted OUTweek.

For transsexual patients like herself, she says, “we don’t want anything to do with that.”

She wishes transgender activists would “stop assuming I’m in on their political movement.”
She goes to say,
“LGBT politics have ruined my life,” she later told a media scrum outside the Richmond courthouse. When transgender people loudly demand their rights, they provoke transphobia, she says, and that gets “supplanted onto me as well.”
Well you got to where you are today because of past activist, the ones who protested and lost their jobs, their homes, their freedom, and those who bleed for us.

We complain about the medical profession making us jump through hoops and then we make our own hoops.

We do not get to choose who is trans and who is not trans. We cannot be judge, we cannot pass sentences on who is trans.

What We Have Become

It has all boiled down we are nothing more than the bathrooms that we use.

Our whole existence has been distilled down to where we pee. Talk about being dehumanized, talk about being marginalized, in this election year politics have reduced us down to where we pee… every article this morning was related somehow to bathrooms. There are article on states trying to pass to pass bathroom bills, there are articles about stores policies on bathrooms, and there are articles on school bathroom policies. And that is it.

How did this happen? How did we go from the “Year of Transgender” to the year of the trans whipping girl?

I don’t think you can point to any “Ah Ha” moment, I think that it started when Republicans found that this was a wedge issue that they could exploit, and that we are an issue that brought in donations. Also I think it is the media, they found that they could attract readers and increase their advertisement rates.

The closes that I can get to an “Ah Ha” moment was Houston’s HERO ordinance. There were other legislative victories and losses but I think the media focused more on Houston, after all the first negative video ad against us was used in the Gainesville Florida referendum and that ad was used many times but it never got traction until Houston. Legislatures always never passed anti-trans bills until North Carolina and now there are cities that are passing their own anti-trans ordinances like they did in Oxford Alabama.

What can be done to counter this rash of new anti-trans laws…well basically nothing. The Republican control legislatures are hell bent in passing these laws. We can show all that facts in the world that we are the ones being attacked and we are not the attackers but if they don’t want to listen, if they see that they get votes for anti-trans laws, if they see it brings in campaign donations the legislators are not going to change their ways.

Look at their latest reasons to pass this legislation, “Waits maintained that Oxford's new bathroom ordinance was passed ‘not out of concerns for the 0.3 percent of the population who identify as transgender,’ but to protect women and children from predators and deviants.” So it is not because of us that they passed these laws but from others who will use these non-discrimination laws.

But that is only an excuse because “Critics of the law objected to the latter remarks, noting that sexual misconduct is already illegal (in bathrooms and elsewhere) under existing laws.” but they don’t care about facts. If that was true then they would have separate bathrooms for children and adults because it is mainly adult males that prey upon children.

So what can we do to change this? We can vote, we can work for candidates that support us. Those who say that they will vote for Sanders and never vote for Clinton well then you are really voting for Trump. We need to pass the Equality Act; we need to make it a federal law to discriminate against LGBT people in housing, employment, public accommodation, and in credit.

We need to make sure we have a Democratic presidency and Congress, particularly the Senate because they confirm the judicial appointments otherwise we will end up with more judges like justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Chief Justice John Roberts.

Yes this year we are going to end up making a choice of the better of two evils, I don’t like it but that is reality.

Sunday, May 01, 2016


Photo by Tasha
Yesterday was the Tenth Annual Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law Conference and we set records!

We had to make decisions on how many lunches to order the week before the conference and to decide on how many program guides to have printed a month before the conference and based on the history of the attendance we printed up an extra 50 booklets. We also bumped up the meal count by an extra twenty-five.

On conference day, people came in droves; it wasn’t long before we ran out of program booklets and the meals tickets were running out. We never had that many people before we actually doubled our attendance from the last four years.

There were other snags also, the hospital was supposed to move to the new tower building so the school caterer couldn’t provide for our order and we had to go to an outside caterer we never used before. It turned that they didn’t provide plates, napkins or utensils!

Also there was construction that was going on in the building during the day with impact hammers rattling away.

Then the final problem was with the mic set-up for our Keynote Speaker we couldn’t get her computer or mic to connect to the school’s system. But like a seasoned trooper Kate Bornstein worked her way around the problems.

The conference volunteers help was well appreciated it made my job so much easier, thank you all who volunteered yesterday!

After the conference the committee went out for dinner with the Kate and this morning I drove her down to the New Haven railroad station. When I got home I crashed all afternoon, next year I am getting one of steep counters because I must have walked miles from one problem to the next. But by the time the first session was over thing we going smoothly.

Looking over the conference evaluations the attendees ignored all the glitches and gave the conference rave reviews.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trans Health and Law Conference

I'm off all day at the conference, it is going to be a long day culumating in a dinner with Kate Bornstein and the Board of Directors