Sunday, December 04, 2016

New Data

Those who follow my blog know that I read another blog called the Connecticut Employment Law Blog and on Friday he posted the new data from the CT Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO)… here is the data from the 2015-2016 fiscal year that ended June 30th.
The Commission closed a total of 2793 complaints during the fiscal year. The inclusion of separate statistics for Case Assessment Review and Merit Assessment Review reflects the language changed by statute effective October 1, 2015.
And the total number of cases involving Gender Identity was 14 and they consisted of seven employment discrimination cases, one case of housing discrimination, one “other” case (my guess is that it involved credit since that is the only other protection that we have under PA11-55), and four cases of public accommodation discrimination.

Last year’s numbers were 12 complaints bases on Gender Identity, so this year we are up by two complaints and the year there were only 6 complaints.

And once again Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition got a shout-out in the 2015-2016 Administrative Digest Report to the Governor.
CHRO Attorneys provided training on transgender law at UCONN during the Transgender Lives Conference.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Saturday 9: Take My Breath Away

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Take My Breath Away (1996)

On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) When were you last breathless?
When I walked up two flights of stairs Tuesday

2) This is the love theme from Top Gun, and the romance was between a pilot and his instructor. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? 
Yes, but I was only ten years old and I have to admit that i also had a crush on one of my professor in grad school. However,she was married.

3) The pilots in Top Gun all had cool nicknames -- including Maverick, Goose, Merlin, Cougar and Stinger. Give yourself a cool pilot name.
Calamity Jane

4) The actress who played the instructor, Kelly McGillis, owns Kelly's Caribbean Bar/Grill and Brewery in Key West. It's known for its cheese and beer dip appetizer, served with warm pretzels. What's one of your favorite between meal snacks? 
Fruit and right now I am on a mandarin orange kick. I have two or three as a afternoon snack.

5) The group who recorded this week's song is called Berlin, but they're really from Southern California. Have you ever been to Berlin? How about Southern California?
Well I live in Berlin.

6) Lead singer Terri Nunn has a weekly radio show, Unbound on KCSN. How often do you listen to the radio? Do you tune in for music, comedy, news or talk?
I usually listen to Sirius satellite radio either to oldies stations or I listen old time radio shows on Sirius like Boston Blackie.

7) In 1986, when this song was popular, PeeWee's Playhouse premiered. While ostensibly for children, PeeWee Herman's show had many, many adult viewers. Do you watch still watch any kid's shows?
I only watched westerns when I was little, shows like the Long Ranger, Roy Roger, Hopalong Cassidy, and Sky King.

8) Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Edward the vampire in the Twilight series, was born in 1986. Have you read the Twilight books? Seen the movies?
Nope, I have never seen any Twilight movies. I don’t like apocalypse movies.

9)  Random question: In an alternate universe, which of these professions would you like to find yourself in -- United States senator, Ivy League professor, or imminent psychiatrist?
I rather be the professor. I do guest lectures at some of the area colleges and universities and I love teaching, best of all being a guest lecturer is that you don’t have to grade papers.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Will History Repeat Itself?

You know Edmund Burke saying “Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.” are we set to repeat it?
By Dallas Denny
November 22, 2016

The Weimar Republic was a semi-presidential representative democracy that arose after World War I and ended with the rise of National Socialism (Nazism) in 1933. It was a period marked by a progressive government, increasing social liberalism,  and increasing resentment by social conservatives, who blamed the Weimar government (and not the German Republic which had actually been in power) for the humiliating terms of the Versailles Treaty that had ended the war.

Throughout the 1920s night clubs and bars flourished in Berlin and other German cities, and the arts, from music to cinema to music to painting to architecture, flourished. Women began to wear makeup and bob their hair and smoke in public, outraging conservatives. The government increased health insurance coverage for its citizens and instituted child abuse protections and protections for workers, including unemployment insurance.
But then the Nazi took over and everything changed.
We will never know what might have become of Germany’s fledgling transvestite community because the rise of Nationalism Socialism resulted in immediate and violent suppression of Jews, racial minorities, atheists, socialists, communists, intellectuals, perceived political enemies, and, yes, GLBT peoples. Members of the community fled the country, assimilated into the greater community, hid their inclinations from others, or, if male, ended up wearing upside-down pink triangles in work and concentration camps.[ii] A vibrant and growing and diverse community of  artists, intellectuals, liberals, and LGBT people was swiftly and forcefully eradicated. It would be decades before trans people in Germany again began to speak out and organize.
So how does this reflect our current political climate?
We are now facing a charismatic and authoritarian President who is dismissive of violence against minorities of all sorts;[vii] has targeted Mexicans and Arabs as undesirable and promised to deport them and build a wall along the southern border to keep them out; has threatened to imprison a political opponent; has publicly wondered why the use of nuclear weapons is unthinkable (and has proposed giving them to Japan and other countries); has mocked the disabled and antagonized a Gold Star military family, bragged about sexually assaulting women and verbally abused women on and off camera; suborned treason by urging Russia to hack American computer servers and by revealing details of top secret security briefings; earned the support and admiration of white nationalists and energized their movement; and repeatedly denied and lied about all of the above. He is now busily assembling an Executive Branch filled with fundamentalist and right-wing zealots and at least one white nationalist who have stated their intent to, among other things, bring back abusive policing practices, deport aliens, and dismantle or privatize the Affordable Health Care Act, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, environmental and workplace protections, and reproductive rights. With a majority Senate and House of Representatives and a U.S. Supreme Court short one person, this administration is poised to destroy pretty much everything that has made America great.
We are living in a turning point and the history of our country will be defined as Before Trump and After Trump. The president-elect has promised concentration camps for Muslim, deporting people who have lived here most of their life, draconian legislation against LGBT people, and to pass a law giving special rights to religious zealots.

Hopefully we will not turn out like Nazi Germany but all the key elements are in place… hate and a madman in power.

The lessons learned must remain a grave reminder of what we must not allow to happen again to any group
Memorial to Japanese-American Patriotism in World War II
Daniel K. Inouye, US Congressman, US Senator and Captain of 442nd Regional Combat Team.

Obama’s Legacy

You probably have an opinion on whether or not President Obama did in his presidency well here is his scorecard from Market Watch.
Opinion: Here’s the verdict on that ‘terrible’ Obama economy
By Brett Arends
Published: Nov 30, 2016

I had thought we’d wait until Jan. 20 to draw the line under the “Obama economy.”

But seeing as Trumpists are already claiming credit for good economic news since the election, such as the rise in the stock market, I guess we can do it now.

And the picture is pretty clear.

That “terrible” Obama economy? That picture of U.S. economic and industrial decline? That image of malaise and an economy that is no longer “great” and “doesn’t win anymore” and “doesn’t make anything anymore”?

It’s total nonsense.

There’s no point in trying to have a rational argument — or even talking facts — to angry people who shout “libtard!” at their opponents and cite Infowars or Sean Hannity as sources.

But for all those who didn’t vote for Trump — and that’s about 70% of adult U.S. citizens when considering the eligible population — here are the facts. I’ve compared the third quarter of 2008 — just before Obama’s election — with the third quarter of 2016. (I’ve included links to the data, although Trump’s tinfoil army, most of whom wouldn’t know an actual source if it hit them over the head, will just cry conspiracy theory, as usual.)
The Obama Economy

Third-quarter 2008 Third-quarter 2016 Verdict
Gross domestic product (2009 dollars) $14.892 trillion $16.713 trillion Up 12%
30-year mortgage loan rate 6.46% 3.54% Nearly halved
Nonfarm payrolls 136.3 million 145.0 million Up 8.7 million
Uninsured (health) 45 million 27 million Down 18 million
Exports (2009 dollars) $1.766 trillion $2.163 trillion Up 22%
Un- and under-employed rate (U6) 11.8% 9.5% Down 20%
Median household income $50,303 $57,929 Up 15%
Manufacturing output per worker (2009 dollars) $382,977 $436,776 Up 14%
Dow Jones Industrial Average 9,319 18,332 Nearly doubled

And I think his prediction will come true…
But here’s a prediction: At the first sign of trouble next year, President Trump and his cheerleaders, like Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones, will say it’s the fault of that “terrible” Obama economy that he inherited.
This is of course is not the whole picture, the budget deficit has been cut by a trillion dollars, the price of gas has dropped substantially and also there has been a lot of high paying manufacturing jobs that have left the country.

President-elect Trump saved 1000 jobs from leaving the U.S. from out 2100 jobs Carrier was planning on moving out of the country and we do not know what he promised in return.

So it should be interesting to see how the economy does under Republican controls.


The haters have been given the green light. Anyone who doesn’t fit their definition of an American is fair game for them.
Ten Days After: Harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Election
November 29, 2016

Just a week before the November 8th election, attackers set a church in Greenville, Mississippi, on fire. The historically black church was targeted in what authorities believe was an act of voter intimidation, its walls spray-painted with the phrase “Vote Trump.”

“This kind of attack happened in the 1950s and 1960s,” Greenville’s mayor said, “but it shouldn’t happen in 2016.”

The incident was just a harbinger of what has become a national outbreak of hate, as white supremacists celebrate Donald Trump’s victory.* In the ten days following the election, there were almost 900 reports of harassment and intimidation from across the nation. Many harassers invoked Trump’s name during assaults, making it clear that the outbreak of hate stemmed in large part from his electoral success.

People have experienced harassment at school, at work, at home, on the street, in public transportation, in their cars, in grocery stores and other places of business, and in their houses of worship. They most often have received messages of hate and intolerance through graffiti and verbal harassment, although a small number also have reported violent physical interactions. Some incidents were directed at the Trump campaign or his supporters.
People are afraid. Especially minorities, it is like we as a nation is reverting to some type of animal, violence is feeding on violence, hate is feeding off the fear and embolden others to commit violence.

Children are following their parents lead and are picking on minority students.

The Huffington Post Queer Voices said,
Black children being told by classmates to sit in the back of school buses. Muslims called “terrorist” and told to go back to “your country with ISIS.” Swastikas drawn on a synagogue, schools, cars and driveways. A gay man being beaten by an assailant who said the “president says we can kill all you faggots now.” Plus “Trump Nation” and “Whites Only” spray-painted on a church attended largely by immigrants.
Here in Connecticut we are not immune from the hatred and violence, the Hartford Courant reported,
East Windsor KKK Video Called ‘Disgusting,’ Police Investigating

Partygoers at a weekend bonfire where one attendee was dressed in a Ku Klux Klan robe and waving a Donald Trump campaign flag could face criminal charges, police said.

Det. Sgt. Matthew Carl said detectives were still investigating the Saturday night gathering, which exploded on social media over the weekend when video surfaced on Snapchat showing a young man wearing the white robes associated with the KKK. The incident comes amid nationwide reports of racial tension and protests since Trump's election as president, though officials said the East Windsor meeting wasn't tied to the Klan.
The Danbury News Times reported,
Swastika painted on Danbury home
The CT Post headline read,
Milford neighborhoods blanketed with KKK newspapers
And the list goes on and on.

Stop the Hate!