Monday, October 23, 2017

Are We Safe?

Not only is the number of trans women murdered have increased this year (currently at 23) but violent attacks are also on the upswing around the world.
Britain Is No Longer Considered A Safe Part Of The World For Trans People To Live In
Huffington Post UK
By Ruth Hunt
October 19, 2017

Britain is no longer considered a safe part of the world for trans people to live in.

We know from recent Stonewall research just how bad things are if you are trying to get on with your life as a trans person in Britain today. In the last twelve months, two in five trans people have experienced a hate crime or incident.

Every day, trans people continue to be mocked, excluded, bullied and attacked, simply for existing.

But now, other countries are openly agreeing that Britain is an unsafe place for trans people.

Last month, a tribunal in New Zealand granted asylum to a trans woman from Britain on the basis that her life would be in danger if she returned here.
Is the media complicit in this up surge in violence?
Many mainstream media voices - from newspaper columnists to social media commentators - seem to have stepped up a gear over recent months in their attempts to make vile transphobia acceptable, questioning the right of trans people to even exist. This isn’t something that is open for debate. And giving the green light to these messages has devastating real-world consequences for trans people.
Meanwhile across the pond in New Jersey…
Man pleads not guilty in transgender pepper-spray attack in Asbury Park
Asbury Park Press
By Kathleen Hopkins and Jean Mikle
Published October 20, 2017

ASBURY PARK – A Scotch Plains man accused of pepper-spraying a transgender person on the eve of an anti-hate rally in the city smiled in court Friday as his attorney pleaded not guilty on his behalf to simple assault and petty disorderly conduct. 

Morris James May, 22, flashed smiles at a news camera throughout the brief proceeding before Muncipal Court Judge Daniel J. DiBenedetto, who set Nov. 30 as a trial date on the charges.

May’s attorney, Mark Gertner, said afterward that neither he nor his client wished to comment.
Now get this! The charges have been reduced,
Butler said the charges had been downgraded from aggravated assault and possession of a weapon, which are both indictable offenses.

Simple assault carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and a $1,000 fine, and petty disorderly conduct carries a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a $500 fine, Butler said.
And he claims self-defense!
Karalik alleged  that on the eve of Asbury Park’s anti-hate rally, May and another man were harassing rally volunteers.

Contacted by the Asbury Park Press on Sept. 4, May claimed self-defense.
Get a load of the tee shirt he was wearing,
During the incident, May was wearing a shirt that read, “For those about to MAGA, we salute you,’’ emblazoned with a drawing of Pepe the Frog. MAGA, or Make America Great Again, was President Donald J. Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan.

Their Hate Makes Them Blind

Let’s face it conservatives hate our guts and are willing to go all the way to putting us in concentration camps. The latest is a Georgia legislator who happens to by the wife of the former Secretary of Health and Human Services has proposed locking up HIV/AIDS patients.
Georgia lawmaker, wife of Tom Price, suggests people with HIV could be quarantined
By Max Blau
October 20, 2017

ATLANTA — A Georgia state lawmaker — the wife of former Trump health secretary Tom Price — is drawing condemnation for suggesting that people with HIV might be quarantined to curb the spread of the infectious disease.

Republican state Rep. Betty Price, a former anesthesiologist who represents people living in the northern Atlanta area, asked in a hearing this week “what are we legally able to do” to limit the spread of HIV throughout the state.

“I don’t want to say the quarantine word — but I guess I just said it,” Price said to Dr. Pascale Wortley, director of the Georgia Department of Public Health’s HIV epidemiology section. “Is there an ability, since I would guess that public dollars are expended heavily in prophylaxis and treatment of this condition, so we have a public interest in curtailing the spread. … Are there any methods legally that we could do that would curtail the spread?”

Her remarks came Tuesday morning during a Georgia House of Representative study committee meeting about barriers to access to health care in the state, and are captured in video of the hearing. The remarks were first reported by Project Q Atlanta, a local website serving the city’s gay community.
Well besides probably being illegal, immoral, and punitive, it is the worst thing that you can do to stop the spread of AIDS/HIV.

Now, with modern drugs a patient’s viral load can be brought down to levels where they are no longer contagious and drugs like Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) that can lower the chances of infection can be used to control the diseases. Instead the Republican Congress is cutting funding for Ryan White programs and cutting funding for PrEP. They have also done away with funding for Planned Parenthood that runs AIDS/HIV prevention programs.

And now Betty Price is doing a two-step to dodge the outrage she has caused.
Price’s wife on HIV quarantine remark: I was just being ‘provocative’
The Hill
By Brandon Conradis
October 22, 2017

Georgia Rep. Betty Price (R), wife of former Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price, defended her remark asking if people infected with HIV could be quarantined, insisting she was just being “provocative.”

“I made a provocative and rhetorical comment as part of a free-flowing conversation which has been taken completely out of context,” Price said in a statement published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Saturday. “I do not support a quarantine in this public health challenge and dilemma of undertreated HIV patients.”
Quarantine is the worst possible thing that you can do.


Well consider that if you think that you might have HIV would you go and be tested, knowing that if you if do have HIV you would be quarantined?

That is what happens if you quarantine patients, they don’t get tested and you have all these undiagnosed HIV positive people infecting other people.

Also in states that are forcing Planned Parenthood out of their states they are seeing a rise in STDs and it is becoming an epidemic in those states. They are also seeing a rise in Cervical and Breast cancers.

The Conservatives with their antiquated moral Puritan values are putting all our lives in danger.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Party’s Over… Fantasia Fair Day 6

Well I’m all packed and heading down to the Sage Inn for the brunch and saying goodbyes until next year, then I head back home.

Saturday was a very productive day, all morning I was cottage hunting and I looked at six places, there’re are two that are promising, one a “fixer upper” and right now it is a dump.

Then it was lunch time and I had lunch at Sage Inn, I didn’t realize it was such a long walk and walking all the way back to the Boatslip I was beat so I skipped the keynote today and read until the afternoon workshop which was “Transgender Health: What You Need to Know” and it was giving by Lauren Abern, MD. After the workshop I asked if she would be interested in giving a workshop at our conference.

In the evening there was the “Gala Awards Banquet” where they recognize those individuals who make the Fair special. The food and company was excellent!
I will tell you after a week of walking around Provincetown, I am beat!

If you come to Fantasias Fair you will get your exercise, the meals and the night entertainment are all down in the center of the town while the workshops are all sown in the south end of town and up on a small hill. But the end of the fair you will be dragging your ass around.

Anywhere you go you can be harassed even in LGBT friendly Provincetown.

I was walking down to the Gala Awards Banquet and the “Tea Dance” was going on at the motel and the smokers were all standing out in front of the motel on the road. The tea dance caters to mainly gays and to some extent lesbians, well while walking out of the motel I had to walk by the group of men one of them said “That is an ugly woman!” and another reply “That’s no woman that’s a tranny!” and they all started to laughing. I heard some of them make other comments about “trannies.”

So there are always assholes wherever you go, no place is immune.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 5 At Fantasia Fair

The morning started off with my workshop “Effective Lobbying*” and I had only 3 people show up for the presentation, but those three people were there to learn. So we had a very good discussion and covered a lot of material.

At lunch I once again when to Tin Pan Alley and once again we all sat out on the deck. I have to this I think we had the best weather ever!

After lunch I went to the Keynote Address it was a panel discussion about the "State of the (Trans*) Union", on the panel was Rep. Sarah Peake (Representative from the 4th Barnstable District on Cape Cod (it includes Provincetown)), Kimberly Strovink, J.D. (Assistant Attorney General at Massachusetts Attorney General's Office), M. Dru Levasseur (Transgender Rights Project Director for Lambda Legal), Mara Keisling (Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality).

The panel was very informative; one of the things that I learned was that the ballot initiative to repeal the public accommodation law that protects needs to get voted on by 30 percent of the people voting in order for the ballot to count. I asked a question at the end about the so called “religious freedom” law that U.S. Attorney General is pushing and can it override the state non-discrimination law and the said under the current federal law that it cannot be used as a weapon to discriminate. I also commented on what was said about Planned Parenthood treating trans patients, that Connecticut Planned Parenthood have treated patients for over ten years and they also sat on the Anti-Discrimination Coalition and then later the ctEQUALITY meetings for all the trans legislation and has lobbied for the bills since I first started attending the meeting back in 2006.

After the Keynote Address I went back to my room and read. I went out to supper with a friend and had pizza at George’s, she went to the Follies and I wrote this and then read for a while out on the deck listening to the waves roll on shore.

This morning I’m meeting with a real estate agent to look at seasonal cottages that I might want to buy next spring.

*My outline for the workshop...

Effective Lobby Workshop Outline
I. The inside/outside strategy
a. Both the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Saul Alinsky knew the value of the inside/outside strategies.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said,
”The purpose of our direct-action program is to create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation.”
In an article in the Huffington Post Peter Dreier wrote,
The insiders, elected officials and lobbyists, see their job as pushing through changes in law that can alter the living conditions, incomes, and access to opportunity and environment of our citizens. Legislating involves the “art of compromise” that requires the skills of brokering deals, negotiating, and forging consensus.
Outsiders — community activists, street protestors and radicals — need different skills. They often view compromise as “selling out” by politicians tied to corporate and elite interests. Activists believe that the influence of campaign contributions, and the trade-offs required by legislative give-and-take, make most elected officials undependable allies.
Both the inside and outside are equal parts in the strategies to bring about change, they are Yin and Yang and my workshop at FF will be on the inside game, lobbying your legislators.

An example of an inside outside strategy?
Trump & Bannon

II. All politics are local
Massachusetts 2018 Ballot initiative
School boards --- GI/GE policies
Public safety officials --- training

III. Motive

IV. All lobbying is basically the same
You have a fixed amount of time to state your case
It doesn’t matter if you are talking to an elected official in their office, home, or walking down the hallway with them or testifying in a public hearing.

V. Discussion of flyer on Effective Lobbying

VI. Discussion of my testimony

VII. Get in touch with your state trans organization
Talking points --- things to say and things not to say
Letters to the editor
Talking to your elected representatives --- feedback to the state trans organization
Avoid talking to the media