Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Elections Don’t Mean Anything.

Republicans don’t care about elections in Florida, the governor is canning elected officials because of their politics. Towns and cities have elected progressive officials and the DeSantis comes in and s**t cans them.

Prosecutor suspended by DeSantis testifies as lawsuit begins
AP News
By Anthony Izaguirre
November 29, 2022

A Florida prosecutor suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis opened his federal civil trial against the governor Tuesday with testimony that alleged his removal was based on his personal political positions on abortion and transgender rights.

Andrew Warren, a Democrat suspended from his twice-elected post as state attorney in Hillsborough County, sued DeSantis seeking his reinstatement.

DeSantis suspended Warren over the prosecutor’s signing of statements that said he would not pursue criminal charge s against seekers or providers of abortion or gender transition treatments, as well as his policies about not charging people with certain minor crimes.

Warren was the first witness in the case before U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle in Tallahassee, where the Democrat spent the bulk of his testimony arguing that he was removed for exercising his free speech on abortion and transgender health care.

“As state attorney, I believe it is important for me to speak out,” he said.

Now keep in mind, that the prosecutor hasn’t not prosecuted any case he only said that he would and the voters reelected him so they must agree with him, he was first elected in 2016 and again in 2020. The voters knew his position and agreed with his position. Also keep in mind that all around the country state attorneys use prosecutorial discretion all this time, this is nothing new.


This is not the first time that DeSantis went in and voided the will of the people!

Are DeSantis’ suspensions of elected officials who didn’t commit crimes unusual
Miami Herald
By Ana Ceballos
August 26, 2022

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis drew attention again on Friday with the suspension of four school board members in Broward County, an action that brought the number of local elected officials suspended by the governor this month to five. 

Under Florida law, the governor can suspend elected and appointed officials for wrongdoing that includes the commission of a felony, neglect of duty, malfeasance, incompetence and habitual drunkenness. The governor then has the constitutional right to appoint someone to fill that position. 

But in recent history, DeSantis’ predecessors — Republicans Jeb Bush and Rick Scott and now-Democrat Charlie Crist, who is running to unseat DeSantis — generally reserved that power to suspend elected officials when they were charged with a crime, according to records from the state Senate analyzed by the Tampa Bay Times. 

Since DeSantis came into office in 2019, he has suspended at least 15 elected officials, eight of whom were ousted for what the governor said was neglect of duty, incompetence, or misuse of authority. Five of the eight took place this year.

The “Don’t Say Gay” law is bearing rotten fruit with the firing of a teacher for having a Pride flag in her room and other teachers are scared about showing pictures on their desks of their spouses.

Florida Teacher Fired Over LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Lesson

Weeks after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed "Don't Say Gay" legislation into law, an LGBTQ+ middle school teacher was fired.
Teen Vogue
By Lexi McMenamin
May 6, 2022

Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill isn’t yet in effect, but the hostile environment that surrounds the law in the state’s K-12 schools has already potentially resulted in a teacher’s firing. Casey Scott, a Cape Coral middle school art teacher, told local news affiliate NBC2 that on April 18 she was fired from her probationary, nonunion teaching role after explaining different sexualities, including her own, to her students. “A discussion happened in class and because of that, now I’m fired,” Scott told NBC2. The school district claims she was fired for “not following the mandated curriculum.”

Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, officially named the Parental Rights in Education bill, was signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on March 28, just a few weeks before Scott’s firing. Per the bill, "Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards." According to the Fort Myers News-Press, Scott’s students were in sixth and seventh grade.


Florida teachers who ‘say gay’ to be fired in new crackdown
Pink News
By Theo Burman
October 21, 2022

Florida has approved new regulations for teachers that could lead to them being fired for talking about LGBTQ+ lives.

The new rules, introduced by the Florida Board of Education, will punish any K-3 teacher who teaches students about LGBTQ+ issues with a license suspension or revocation.

Teachers are already banned from discussing LGBTQ+ topics by the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law but this is the first time Florida has laid out punishments for staff.

Another new rule will force schools to post information on websites and contact parents by mail about their policy on allowing trans students to use bathrooms according to their gender identity.

Now keep in mind that federal laws, Title VII and Title IX say that you cannot discriminate against employees and students because of their sexual orientation or because of gender identity.

Further more, the First Amendment says that you are entitled to “free speech” and the Fourteenth Amendment says you have to be treated equally, a straight teacher can have a picture of their spouse on their desk but a LGBTQ+ teachers cannot is a violation of the 14th Amendment. These laws also protect the LGBTQ+ students.

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  1. This is why for years I've said that it does no good to vote! The powers that be will decide to do what they want to do anyways!