Wednesday, January 19, 2022

One Of Many.

Monday I wrote about about Amy Schneider being an influencer well yesterday this article came out in LGBTQ Nation.

Trans Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider helped an 83-year-old man accept trans people
"You're the first person he's used correct pronouns with."
By Molly Sprayregen
January 18, 2022

History-making trans Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider recently shared a heartwarming story about how her role on the game show helped an 83-year-old man become more accepting of trans people.

Schneider told NPR that she does her best to avoid reading any negative comments online, but that the overall response to her Jeopardy! winning streak has been positive.

But one message stood out to Schneider as particularly meaningful.

“So someone wrote on Twitter, somehow, after two to three years of conversation, you being on Jeopardy! every night has taught my dad to be accepting of trans people,” she explained. “You’re the first person he’s used correct pronouns with, an 83-year-old man saying, this isn’t too hard. Thanks for your message of love.”

Schneider said it was “just one of the best things I could hear” and that helping people is “what I want to do most of all.”

That is what an influencer does, changes people minds but Amy Schneider is not the only influencer, others pointed out other influencers in our community.

Some mentioned Dr. Rachel Levine assistant health secretary and Jenny Boylan author, New York Times opinion writer, and college professor. Others mention trans politicians like Danica Roem, Sarah McBride, and own Raven Matherne who was elected to Stamford Board of Representatives.

And I would like to add… you. Every trans person who goes out in public is an influencer. We change people minds all the time, you are our ambassadors.

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