Monday, January 17, 2022

I Just Started To Hear The Word Influencer and I Realized We Have One In The Trans Community

Who has been watching Jeopardy with Amy Schneider? Well she in an influencer for us.

Ken Jennings Shares His Thoughts About Amy Schneider's Latest 'Jeopardy!' Record
Cosmopolitan via Yahoo News
By Selena Barrientos
January 12, 2022

Throughout her historic winning streak, Amy Schneider has broken record after record — but the latest one might just be the most remarkable of them all.

On January 7, the California-based engineering manager was quick on the buzzer following a nerve-wracking game the day before. Amy secured an early lead during her 28th Jeopardy! game and after starting out with a total of $977,400, she won an additional $42,200. With that, the Ohio native officially surpassed the $1 million mark ($1,019,600) and her incredible accomplishment was threefold — she is only the fifth person to do so in the quiz show’s history, the fourth person to accomplish this record in regular season play and the first woman to become part of the millionaire club.


That said, if she continues her 29 consecutive game-winning streak and goes beyond James’ 32 games, like Matt did, Amy can definitely catch up to James’ record. But if that isn't convincing enough, over on Twitter, Ken admitted how impressed he was by Amy's speed. "She did it! And in just 28 games, faster than my pace and tied with Matt Amodio," he wrote.

In the comments section there are hate comments but what gets me is that even Fox News uses female pronouns and calls her a woman.

There are problem millions of people tuning in to watch a trans woman win, she is probably the trans person many of have ever seen, and I think that she is making a good impress on them… she is an influncer!

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