Monday, January 24, 2022


I think you all know by now know who Amy is, the Jeopardy contestant who has won as of Friday night 38 games.


... Loves Repping Trans Community
NBC News
By Jo Yurcaba
January 24, 2022

Amy Schneider, the "Jeopardy!" contestant who recently became the show's top female earner and only the fourth person to take home more than $1 million in prize money, discussed the best part of being on the show in her first live interview.

Schneider, an engineering manager from Oakland, California, on Monday told "Good Morning America" host George Stephanopoulos that being able to represent the transgender community on TV has been a highlight of her experience.

"I think that the best part for me has been being on TV as my true self, expressing myself and representing the entire community of trans people," Schneider said. "And just kind of showing a different thing than maybe some people have seen, of just being a smart, confident woman and just doing something super normal like being on 'Jeopardy!'"


"The main secret is just being curious and spending my life learning a lot of stuff," she said.


But just a week earlier, after wearing a trans Pride flag pin on the show, she wrote on Twitter that she "didn’t want to make too much about being trans, at least in the context of the show."

“I am a trans woman, and I’m proud of that fact, but I’m a lot of other things, too!” she added.

She is amazing!

And she has amazing buzzer skills and I suppose that after being on the show so long that she can hone her skills which she talks about in this video.

In a commentary in the San Antonio Express News, Elaine Ayala writes…

Schneider has made history in several ways. On Friday, she reached her 38th consecutive game and passed the $1.3 million mark in winnings.

She’s leading a movement to bring back the demure pearl necklace, yet before each show, in her head she calls on the lyrics of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

“You better lose yourself in the music, the moment,” they say. “You own it, you better never let it go. You only get one shot.”


She’s a software engineer manager from Oakland, Calif., who lives openly as a transgender woman.

News reports have noted she’s not the first openly trans woman to appear on the show, nor its first trans champion.

Her demeanor has made her stand out. She’s a gracious winner but is poised, focused and steely with superb strategic skills and an all-American smile. She has won over fans.

She is on locally on WTNH Channel 8 at 7:00PM

Will she break Matt Amodio record tonight?

And the number one question will she break Ken Jennings record of 74 games?

Stay tune!

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  1. I love Amy. We sit glued to the TV every night she comes on. She has just got to stop bidding so high on final jeopardy and losing her money. She has lost almost $100,000 over the last week. Every night when she is introduced, I clap and yell "You Go Girl" Then many times I sit stunned when she has a good run answering all the questions. Just amazing. If I miss a show, I call home right at 7:30 to see if she has won again. Oh, did I say how much we love her?