Monday, November 13, 2017

The Religious Right To Discriminate

The evangelical Christians and Republicans are using “religious freedom” to hide their bigotry behind, well now it is spreading to other countries around the world.
Right-wing politicians plot to derail LGBT rights even if Australia votes Yes to same-sex marriage
Pink News
By Benjamin Butterworth
13th November 2017

Right-wing politicians are plotting to implement a marriage bill that permits widespread discrimination if Yes wins the country’s postal survey.

Liberal senator James Paterson is to introduce bill that would override any anti-discrimination laws passed by state and territory level legislatures.

It will allow the refusal of same-sex weddings by anyone who holds a religious or “conscientious belief” in traditional marriage, allowing discrimination by private service providers.
Sound familiar?

Human rights should never be put to a vote. It shouldn’t be a popularity contest.

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