Friday, November 03, 2017

Bullying And Harassment Takes A Toll On Us

The constant bullying and harassment or the fear of it takes a toll in us health wise, it’s not being trans that affects us but rather social pressures.
Mental health of transgender people is under increasing pressure, study finds
Press Telegram
By Anna Gorman, California Healthline
November 2, 2017

Oliva’s [a 45-year-old transgender woman] experience is strikingly consistent with the findings of a new report from UCLA that shows transgender adults in California are more likely to have suicidal thoughts than other adults in the state, and more likely to have attempted suicide.

They are also more likely than their non-transgender peers to face severe psychological distress and to be disabled because of a physical or mental health condition, the report found.

The mental health gap is worrisome because it points to ongoing discrimination and bias, the study’s authors said.

The data — released Tuesday as part of the annual UCLA California Health Interview Survey — highlight health disparities among a marginalized population. The survey, a collaboration between the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, covers demographics, access to health care and health status.
Chung [senior director of strategic projects for the Oakland-based Transgender Law Center] said she would like to see better answers to explain the differences in mental health — especially given the demographic similarities between transgender and non-transgender populations. “What actually sets them apart in terms of the health outcomes?” she asked. “What is the reason for the higher rates of suicide attempts?”
As the article said “…health disparities among a marginalized population…” we are not alone all marginalized communities have health disparities because of the discrimination they face not only by the healthcare providers but all by society; blacks face it every day they walk out of the house will I make back home today. Many trans people face it when we walk out of the house each day. We wonder what will happen if we call 911? Will become a victim just by calling for help?

All that as stress in our lives and stress effects our health.

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