Thursday, November 09, 2017

Breaking News!

I just had a phone call from a reporter for the Stamford Advocate asking me if I knew if Raven Matherne was the first trans person elected to office in Connecticut? Hun? I said as far as I know she is the first “out” trans person elected in Connecticut.
Matherne becomes Stamford’s first transgender lawmaker
By Liz Skalka
November 8, 2017

STAMFORD — The city’s first openly transgender lawmaker was voted into office Tuesday, a milestone for the local LGBTQ community that was among the victories transgender candidates won nationwide on Election Day.

Raven Matherne, 29, who is believed to be the state’s first transgender lawmaker, won a seat on Stamford’s Board of Representatives. She ran as part of the Reform Stamford slate that sought political change on the 40-member board.
Matherne said she ran on issues that impact her constituents, such as rising property taxes and fewer public services for residents in her wooded North Stamford district, and not necessarily that she was the first transgender person seeking a seat on the board. Reform Stamford presented a platform focused on taxes, community-minded development, enforcing zoning laws, affordable housing and protecting public spaces.

“Whether you believe taxes are high or not, they are rising,” she said. “Then when (homeowners) get to the point where they can’t afford to live in Stamford anymore, their property values are going down.”
As I said in yesterday’s post, “What I like about these wins is that except for Ms. Roem election all of them were in local races; a school board election, and two city council elections.” Little did I know that there was a trans candidate running here in Connecticut!

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