Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Taking It Out On The Kids

They are only doing the right thing, but a group of “adults” see it otherwise and cut funding to the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs
Big Brothers Big Sisters loses donations following LGBTQ grant
Charleston Gazette-Mail
By Maria Young
October 19, 2017

Shortly after accepting a grant to help LGTBQ children and teenagers, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central West Virginia lost thousands of dollars in promised donations and might have to shut down its Raleigh County program, the organization’s executive director said Thursday.

Sara McDowell said the group lost $60,000 to $80,000 in local grants earmarked primarily for its Beckley-Raleigh County office after plans were announced in September for LGTBQ awareness training for staff members.

“If we do not raise the funds we need quickly, we will have to suspend our program in the Beckley area,” McDowell said. “This has also put a significant fiscal strain on us here in Charleston, because we are having to cover those costs.”

The awareness training grant was provided through the national Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization, which contacted McDowell’s office in August to see if the organization would be interested.
These bigots are hiding behind religion to deny the children of Beckley-Raleigh County a place to go after school. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America only want to be more inclusive and provide a safe space.

The class yesterday went great, and I finished the PowerPoint about ten minutes before the end of the class. They didn't ask any questions but they took a lot of notes, the students now a days are always typing away on something. I always wonder if they are taking notes or are texting comments to one another, when I was a grad student I saw that text became the new way to pass notes in class.

I parked in the visitor's by the Engineering building and the guard was very helpful, he asked if I knew my way to the classroom and when I said no, he escorted me through the maze to the room.

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