Sunday, November 05, 2017

The Future Is Not Good!

Do you remember that the Republican Congress did vote on not only Obama’s Supreme Court pick but also all the lower court appointments, well now the Republicans are wasting no time in packing the courts with Bible thumping anti-LGBT judges.
The Senate Is Falling Over Itself to Fill Courts with Donald Trump’s Extremist Anti-LGBT Judges
By Lambda Legal
November 2, 2017

Senator Mitch McConnell continued his push to deliver to President Trump four highly controversial, anti-civil rights, and anti-LGBT judicial nominees to federal courts of appeals.

Casting aside even the appearance of careful deliberation, the Senate today confirmed the remaining two nominees placed on the agenda for this week – Allison H. Eid to the U.S. Court of Appeals to the Tenth Circuit and Stephanos Bibas to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

While she “eschews labels,” Justice Eid has been described in the Denver Post as being cut from the same cloth as Justices Scalia and Thomas, whose “originalist” philosophy would essentially write LGBT people out of the Constitution. And, Professor Bibas has criticized those who “pursue equality judicially,” claiming that it “undervalues America’s deep commitments to federalism, localism, and democratic self-government.”

Eid and Bibas will now join on the federal bench Amy Coney Barrett who was confirmed to the Seventh Circuit and Joan Larsen who was confirmed to the Sixth Circuit, both this week.
These judges put the Bible above the Constitution.

A Louisiana appellate court shoots down the governor’s LGBT inclusion in the discrimination laws.
Appeals court upholds ruling that Gov. Edwards overstepped with LGBT rights order
The Advocate
By Mark Ballard
November 1, 2017

An appellate court panel found Wednesday that Gov. John Bel Edwards went too far when trying to ban discrimination against transgender people in state government.

The case has been part of an ongoing battle over authority and budget between the Democratic governor and Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry.

The three-judge panel, led by First Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Toni M. Higginbotham, of Baton Rouge, unanimously ruled that Edwards had interfered with the authority of the legislative branch. His April 2016 order included “gender identity” protection within the state’s executive branch agencies, including those headed by elected officials, as well as the private companies seeking to do business with state government.

“Clearly, the Louisiana Legislature and the people of the State of Louisiana have not yet revised the laws and/or the state Constitution to specifically add ‘sexual orientation’ or ‘gender identity’,” stated the opinion written by Higginbotham.

She was joined by Judges Allison H. Penzato, of Mandeville, and Guy Holdridge, of Gonzalez. All three judges were elected as Republicans.
This is what we have to look forward to, judges that ignore case law and vote their bigotry.

Beginning with the Supreme Court decision in 1989 with the Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins ruling that sex discrimination also includes sex stereotyping up to the Missouri Court of Appeals that said “If the employer mistreats a male employee because the employer deems the employee insufficiently masculine, it is immaterial whether the male employee is gay or straight…”

We have more cases like the Louisiana to look forward to about the courts gets packed with conservative judges.

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  1. unfortunately Diana your country is going back to the stone ages with despotic and ultra conservative nut jobs that will be hearing court cases for years. Even after Donny tiny hands leaves the damage will have been done...