Thursday, November 09, 2017

Hate Rejected

After the elections Tuesday hate once again reared its ugly head, a Christian raised the question about trans women and children… “What do we tell the children?”
Christians Took to Twitter to Rebuke This Man's Tweet About a Transgender Politician
By Ashley Hoffman
November 8, 2017

One man’s question for Christians about a transgender politician has quickly backfired.

After Democrat Danica Roem became Virginia’s first openly transgender elected official, defeating incumbent Del. Robert G. Marshall on Tuesday, one Nashville man took to Twitter with a question.

Andrew T. Walker, the director for the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, appeared to voice concern about how Christian parents would prepare their children for the history-making news.

“Christian parents, the nation’s first transgender elected official enters into American history tonight. What are you doing to prepare your children for this new world?” he asked in a tweet Tuesday night.
Walker’s tweet quickly spread on the wings of critics blasting him for his question, as many of the responses invoked scripture. His original tweet has garnered nearly 6,000 responses and 289 retweets as of Wednesday.
And the answers he received are beautiful!
Good question. Here's a possible answer: everyone, no matter who they are or what they look like, is a beloved child of God, with infinite dignity and beauty, and should be reverenced as a beautiful creation.

Christian parent here. We're celebrating. We're preparing our son to embrace difference, not fear or discriminate against it.

Tell them that if they are trans, they too can run for elected office and beat transphobic bigots

I’m a Jewish parent. I’ve already prepared my son by teaching him not to be a narrow-minded hate-filled bigot.

Teaching my surviving child that Christians should love everyone. Unequivocally. Like Jesus did.

I'd tell them: God is great. The diversity of our nation is its' strength, and that good people stand against small-minded bigotry
And there were many more comments that the article mentions. I imagine that the original tweet by Mr. Walker got a lot of people support his hate in the 6000+ comments but I am glad that those who believe in love spoke up.

To bad that the Time article didn’t allow comments it what have been interesting to see what the haters had to say about love.

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