Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday 9: Get Down Tonight

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Get Down Tonight (1975)

On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…

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Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Tonight, KC has three things on his "to-do" list: do a little dance, make a little love and get down. Tell us three things you'd like to accomplish this weekend.
Finish the book that I’m reading, going to a holiday dinner tonight, and relaxing.

2) This week's song is considered emblematic of disco, a genre that had as many detractors as fans. Is there a kind of music you simply cannot stand?
The current genre. It seems like we like the music of our teenage years.

3) Before becoming a musician, KC, aka Harry Casey, worked in a record store. In those days, record stores were very popular. Peaches, Coconuts, Sam Goody and Tower Records are four store chains that once dotted the landscape but now are gone. Today, if you wanted to purchase a CD, where would you turn?
Yikes! I have no idea, I have been getting my music off the internet.

4) One of his duties at the record store was unloading the big corrugated shippers filled with LPs. What's the heaviest thing you've lifted lately?
A full propane tank.

5) KC is proud that he's lived his entire life in Miami-Dade County. Do you expect to change your address in the next year or so?
Nope, but I might be adding another address next spring.

6) In 1975, the year this song was popular, former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, never to be seen again. Many theories flourish about what may have happened to him. Is there a famous criminal case that has a hold on your attention?
No. I don’t follow murder or criminal cases.

7) Jaws was the most popular movie of 1975. Are you afraid of sharks?
Nope, I’m very unlikely to be anywhere sharks are; at least until spring when I’m looking to buy a place on Cape Cod.

8) Actress Angelina Jolie was born in 1975. People magazine once named her "most beautiful." Who is the most beautiful woman you can think of?
All these questions to get me in trouble, if I name someone everyone else will be mad at me.

9) Random question: A wizard offers you a choice -- would you like your life to stay as it is right now (in terms of your health, your career, your relationships and your finances) for the next 5 years, or would you like to take a chance that the future will be brighter?
I’ll take a chance on the future being brighter. After all half of what makes life interesting is not knowing what tomorrow will bring.


  1. "It seems like we like the music of our teenage years." So true!

  2. I agree with your music thoughts--and #9 is poetic!

  3. I hear ya on that third one. I like getting my music on the internet too.

  4. I'll take a chance on the future, too. But I'll put the wizard to work to tell me what to beware of.

  5. Great answers - and you're right about #9. That is really what life is, isn't it?