Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bigotry Rear Its Ugly Head

In a comment made on a social network about gender neutral housing at a college campus cause hateful comments.
Online exchange over Rowan's transgender community turns ugly
Angelo Fichera, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: Monday, November 17, 2014

A Rowan University student's recent online posting, aimed at advancing a conversation about the needs of the school's transgender community, took a turn for the worse, prompting a university memo Monday and again putting a popular social media application under scrutiny.

The student's message on the Yik Yak app last week proposed gender-neutral housing and better education for professors about transgender identity. The ideas were met by inflammatory remarks on the app, which allows users to anonymously contribute to a single thread based on geographical location.
On Monday, a message from the dean of students, Richard Jones, to the university community called the comments "highly insensitive" and listed campus resources for students exploring their identities.

"Comments that marginalize students in any form [are] not acceptable," Jones said in an interview. "We decided that one negative comment is one negative comment too many."
I am not a fan of anonymous comments, it seems to me that it brings out the worst of people, it emboldens the bigots and the racists. That is why I went to comment moderating on my blog; I get transphobic comments that I will not post. I do allow respectful negative anonymous comment but I will delete and comments that I feel that are hateful.

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