Monday, November 24, 2014

An Acceptable Alternative

Most of the time you see where a trans-student is delegated to use a teachers’ or nurses’ bathroom which segregates us from the rest of the school population. But this practice is illegal under Connecticut law.

Clifton Park school district in New York has an acceptable alternative,
School district weighing transgender policyOfficials plan to offer alternative bathrooms, locker rooms for studentsTimes Union
By Dennis Yusko
November 21, 2014

Transgender students at Shenendehowa schools could soon gain access to alternative bathrooms and locker rooms under a move the district says reflects "the changing needs and demands" of students.

The new policy would allow Shenendehowa High School students to request to use bathroom facilities that correspond to their gender identity. The superintendent of schools and a building-level administrator would decide whether to grant the requests on a case-by-case basis.

The policy also would ensure that all of the district's 9,797 students have access to single-user bathrooms and alternative areas to change their clothes. Students would not be required to use a facility that conflicts with their gender identity or makes them uncomfortable.
Did you notice the difference?

All the students can use a single-user bathroom or locker room. They are not forcing trans-students to be isolated from the school population but instead are allowing any student who is uncomfortable to have a private area to go the bathroom or change. Many students are uncomfortable changing in public and they should not be forced to change in front of other.

This is a great policy.

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  1. We agree. The difference is both qualatative and meaningful. It recognizes a level of freedom for all concerned.