Monday, November 07, 2011

One Small Victory…

This week the IRS issued a statement, they said that they will abide by the court’s decision in the O’Donnabhain v. Commissioner case. I know you all have been following this case with eagle eyes… What you never heard of this ground breaking case? Well you should have been following it instead of the Dr. Conrad Murray trial.

Last year the Tax Court ruled the medical expenses related to, “…medical expenses related to gender identity disorder - including but not limited to hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgeries - the same as expenses for any other medical condition” (GLAD). In other words they are tax deductible. GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project (TRP) took on this case on behalf of Rhiannon O'Donnabhain whose tax deduction for her surgery was denied by the IRS and last spring the Tax Court ruled in her favor, that it was medically necessary surgery. This is a very big victory for the trans-community, now not only does the AMA, APA and WPATH all say the treatment for therapy and medical treatment is a medically necessity but now so does the IRS. This ruling should now make it easier to have insurance companies cover medical expenses.

I want to thank GLAD for all of their work that they have done in New England. They are one of our strongest allies in our battle to past the gender inclusive anti-discrimination law here in Connecticut. They also helped in passing the Hate Crime law here and in the CHRO John/Jane Doe ruling. They were also a key player in passing Vermont’s, Rhode Island’s and Main’s gender inclusive non-discrimination laws. They are also working strongly in Massachusetts to pass the law there. They also have won a number of court cases (both state and federal)that helped the trans-community and the lesbian and gay communities. You can read about it here.

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