Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Story Part 99 – Discrimination

This article, A Girl’s Guide To Attending A Gay Bar, reminded me of the time I was up in LGBt friendly towns. I was in Provincetown one November five or six years ago with three other trans-women and two gay friends, and we went to one gay bar and they never served us as we sat at the bar. The bar tender ignored us and after waiting 15 minutes and other people who came in after were served before us, we left and went to another bar where we had no problems.

In Ogunquit, I was with another trans-woman and we went to a lesbian bar and the woman at the door told us we couldn’t come in. We stared at her and she backed down and let us in, but told us we couldn’t use the dance floor because it was reserved for women. When we sat down at a table all the women at the tables around got up and moved. It was until the lesbians that we met at the B&B came in and sat with us did the tables around us filled up again.

Discrimination is discrimination whether it is by straight people, gays or lesbians. In both states it was against the law to discriminate against a trans-person. In Maine it is by statute, their non-discrimination laws include gender identity and expression in public accommodations and in Massachusetts it is by case law.

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