Monday, November 21, 2011

You Are Damned Either Way

This is about a trans-woman down in Tennessee who went to change her driver license and was told she could not change her gender marker on the license until she had more surgery. That she would still be listed as male on her license, so she protested by going outside and took off her top and exposing her breasts and was promptly arrested for indecent exposure. It seems that the state of Tennessee wants it both ways.
Morristown transgender woman says she went topless to make a statement
6 News Reporter
November 14, 2011

MORRISTOWN (WATE) - A local transgender woman arrested for indecent exposure in the Morristown Driver's License Office parking lot says she took her shirt off to fight for her rights.

Andrea Jones says she is a woman, but the state won't change her sex from male to female on her driver's license.
Jones, a transgender woman, had a partial sex change and says that was all the Social Security office needed to switch her paperwork from male to female.
However, she says the Tennessee Department of Safety informed her she'd need more proof to make the same change on her driver's license.

When she was denied, she says she decided to make a statement by taking her shirt off in the parking lot.

The police report says, "Mr. Jones continued to yell that he had the right to show his breasts in public and wanted to be recognized as a female."
Notice the police report has her as a male but the still arrested her for something any male can do, go topless. This shows the absurdity of the law where there is bigotry and ignorance against trans-people.

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