Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Story Part 100 – Can A Person Be Two Legal Genders?

On Monday last week I wrote (You Are Damned Either Way) about a trans-woman who was arrested for exposing her breast after the Tennessee Department of Safety refused to list her gender on her driver license as female. Outside she took off her top and was promptly arrested for indecent exposure; something any man can do without being arrested.

When my severance pay ran out, my former employer changed my gender back to male. After many exchanges of emails that said “We are looking into it”, I finally got frustrated and emailed my former
HR director from division which was closed down, she was still working at the main site. What she found out was that their records showed that the “male” me was retired and the “female” me was still working. I asked if that meant that I would get two checks (a pay check and a pension check) and she said no, but nice try though.

Just recently I went to the doctors for a routine checkup and I filled out the forms, putting down an “F” for my gender. After all my driver’s license and passport has my gender as “F”, the insurance company sent back my clam, “wrong gender”. Shortly in the future I will be going to the hospital for a routine test as an outpatient, where will they put me? Will it be in the male ward or the female ward? Under Connecticut state law they have to treat me just like any other woman patient.

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